Thursday, June 16, 2011

What Day Is It Anyway?

Last Saturday I headed to Otter Creek at 4 am, then ran back to Norris at 10 am to supervise water activities for 150 junior high girls, then ran back to Otter at 5 pm to finish up the fishing trip. Chef Todd cooked up a feast and of course I made it back in time to eat fresh walleyes on the grill from the Canadian Lake! Unfortunately I made it back to soon and had to help clean all the fish.....It was worth it though, Chef really hit a homerun with seasoned walleye tinfoil packs with all kinds of vegetables.

The guys we took fishing purchased this fishing trip from our hooked on fishing fundraiser. They really helped us out so we returned the favor by putting them onto one of the best days of fishing you could pretty much have! Here are the pics I was able to scrounge up. Oh yeah, Chef grilled up some peaches with all kinds of goodness on top.

This pic is kind of out of order, but Mae decided to get some sort of infection in her stomach so we had the priviledge of spending some time down at OSF last Sunday.

The guys are out everyday traveling from Secor to Lewiston treating beaches, ponds, and lakes. Here was a cool pic they sent me of killing some sort of nasty algae on a beach.

Back to some more fishing pictures

Days start before 5 am for me and end when I can't physically keep my eyes open any longer. Working on some of the most amazing jobs on the planet and not a free moment to talk about them or post pics online! The next 3 weeks are gonna be about as busy as humanly possible, blog posts are gonna be very few and far between.

In between working about 75 hrs through the week, we host camps for hundreds of kids at our lake on weekends, run the hooked on fishing park for hundreds of kids per week throughout the week, and spend time chasing around 3 young kids every day for at least an hour or two before they go to bed. While I am on the fishing park topic, I am gonna need your help on July 30! Community Day 2011 with a free fishing derby and lots of food. Will post more information in the days to come.

Also on top of that Brook and I are designing a house to build in Cobblestone Estates maybe even as soon as starting this fall! We built a house back in 2005 and sold it in 2009 and now are making plans to do er again. Here is a pic of that house we built from scratch:

Will post tons of pics of the new house during construction for sure! When I say build a house, I mean physically build a house. Brook will be pounding nails, feeding shingles, making dinner, and flinging paint for the next year. After work we will just head over to the lot and work on our house until bedtime! Sure beats watching TV.

My sister and brother-in law are just finishing their house in Cobblestone, my older brother and sister-in law just started their house in Cobblestone, my other sister and brother-in law just purchased some land across the street from Cobblestone, so by golly we pretty much have no choice but to live there. Gonna really be neat.

Gonna build a dock tomorrow, host 200 high school girls Saturday, fish with my kids for Fathers day Sunday and then try to get a million other things accomplished before the fourth of July. Probably the only other post that will be happening in the near future is about the Fishing Park Community Day!

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  1. Nice Fish Pictures! Some day I am gonna come up fishing with you guys!!