Friday, March 13, 2009

Sonar A.S. Aquatic Herbicide- Kills most Lake and Pond Weeds

Sonar is an aquatic herbicide that is effective for the control of a variety of aquatic plants. Its active ingredient is 41.7% fluridone which effectively disrupts the process of photosynthesis, virtually starving the plants to death.

Sonar can be very selective with proper dosage rates and timing of applications. Sonar provides season-long control with an early spring application just after plants begin to grow.

Sonar effectively controls the following types of aquatic vegetation: duckweed, watermeal, cattails, eurasian watermilfoil, water lillies, american lotus, and most other pondweeds.

Application Tips:

Sonar A.S. is not a contact herbicide and should not be sprayed directly onto the vegetation. It is rather a whole lake treatment that needs to be diluted into the entire water column. The easiest and best way to apply Sonar is to pour approximately 16 oz of Sonar into a 5 gallon bucket of water and simply pour the mixture around your lake or pond. It works best if applied early in the growing season, and needs to be in contact with the lake weeds at the desired ppb for at least 21 days.

Application Rates:
  • Watermeal - 90 ppb or typically 1 quart per acre
  • Duckweed - 75 ppb or typically 24 oz per acre
  • Cattails - 75 ppb or typically 24 oz per acre
  • Water Lilly - 75 ppb or typically 24 oz per acre
  • Eurasian Watermilfoil - 50 ppb or typically 1 pint per acre
  • Curly Leaf Pond Weed - 50 ppb or typically 1 pint per acre

Water Use Restrictions:

Sonar is very safe for fish, fishing, animals, and swimming, even the same day of application. The only water use restriction it has is that irrigating is not recommended for 21-45 days following application. The fluridone could kill your plants if you use enough of the water for irrigating!

Sonar A.S. can be purchased in 8 oz bottles, pints, quarts, and gallons at It can also be purchased from our Ebay Store


  1. nice rundown of this product, there are many aquatic herbicide out there and it pays to be inform in how they work and what they are best for. I have been using them to great success

  2. It is really good way to control of a variety of aquatic plants. This product is easy to use and there is no need to put up so many efforts to remove aquatic plants from your lack.

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  4. I thing this aquatic herbicide is work good specially because it is very safe for fish, fishing, animals, and swimming also.Its easy to use because It is a whole lake treatment and thanks for sharing application rates.