Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bojo Fishing and Buglight: Nature's Fish Feeder

The Bojo Fish Light is the most cost effective way to feed your fish! It mounts easily to a dock, pier, seawall, or simply on a post out in the water. The unit has 2 fluorescent bulbs underneath a protective shield that attract bugs to the device. Once the bugs come to the light, an electric motor with weed-eater cord type blades, knocks the bugs into the water where fish eat on them all night long.

The Bojo Fish Feeding Light not only attracts bugs and feeds fish, it keeps most of the bugs off of you at the same time. Also the lamps are not visible from above to create a glare in your eyes. The attached photocell will economically turn your light on at night and off every morning.

I have installed Bojo Buglights for many clients, as well as several for myself. Installation from the box to a dock typically takes about 5 minutes. Then just simply plug the unit in for years of trouble free bug feeding. It only costs an average of .05 cents per night to run the Bojo! 

It takes about 2 weeks for your fish to get trained to the light, but once they do you will literally have 100's of Bluegill, Crappie, Bass, and Catfish all competing for the best positions under the light! The smaller bugs fall down directly under the light, but the larger bugs sometimes end up about 10 or 15 feet from the light by the time they end up crashing to their doom. This creates a large feeding area around your dock all night long.

I cant begin to count how many hours I have spent observing fish by just quietly sitting out on the dock by the Bojo during the middle of the night. I am always amazed at the activity all night long! During the peak of summer, schools of Bluegill and Crappie will be huddled around the light with their mouths constantly slurping the bugs off of the surface. 

Bojo Bug Fish Feeding Lights start at $159 and are available at Herman Brothers Pond Management in Peoria, Illinois and also online at Herman Brothers Lake Products 


  1. I have seen many types of automatic fish feeders with different features. But I have never seen a natural fish feeder. I must agree it is a very unique kind of fish feeder. Thank you for sharing about this equipment.

  2. Nice tip on effective feeding the fish. It’s nice that you posted this kind of information. Many people like fishing during weekends. It’s their bonding moments with the family. Most likely it would be great to go to fishing charter to help make the fishing an exciting one.

  3. Do you have an intallation with a solar panel ?

    How do you prevent , an electric shock , the instalation is so close to the water ?

  4. I have used this type of feeders for years. A competitor has a makeshift bowl over a round florescent light. The Bojo light is very well designed and has worked great. Silent, fun to watch fish feed, and looks great. I plan to install a second one.

  5. Hi Nathan! I work for Bojo Fishlight and we would love for you to link to our site where you mention our product. That would be awesome. Thank you!