Saturday, March 14, 2009

Vertex Aerators: Complete Pond and Lake Aeration Systems

Vertex Water Features builds lake and pond aerators for aeration and destratification of an entire pond or lake. Their pond and lake aerators pump compressed air to bottom diffusers resulting in total water column aeration, circulation and destratification.

Vertex lake aeration and pond aeration systems have been independently tested and are guaranteed to be the most efficient and highest quality lake and pond aerator you can buy. They have the very best membrane diffusers, cabinets, compressors, cooling fans, and self-weighted tubing!

Membrane Diffusers
• Last Longer = 5 Year “no questions” warranty!
• Less Maintenance = self cleaning!
- Eliminates the need for removal from Lake Bottom and the time consuming, hazardous muriatic acid cleanings required of out-dated air stones!
• Less Operating Costs = more energy efficient!
- Requires only 0.5cfm per disc - aerate up to an 18 acre lake with 2/3 hp!
• Higher Performance = Independent tests confirm over 37,000 GPM/hp!
- Provides higher lake turnover rates with less power consumed=saves you money!

QuietAir™ Cabinets
• Last Longer = lifetime warranty from rust!
- Equipped with tough, electro-statically bonded powder-coated finish
• QuietAir = a fully gasketed seal provides not only greater protection from moisture, but quieter operation.
• Safer = Equipped with integral GFCI protection.
• More Secure = Equipped with integral barrel lock for protection against unauthorized access.

Brookwood™ Compressors
• Piston design (vs. rotary vane).
• Increased durability!
(typically twice the service life).
• Higher pressure (for longer tubing runs, deeper water or higher altitude applications) without sacrificing air volume.
• No possibility of reverse operation after loss
of electricity.

BottomLine™ Tubing
• Self-weighted = faster, easier installations.
• PVC composite = no dangerous lead in
the eco-system.
• Flexible under any conditions.
• Heavy duty wall thickness for protection against cuts, fish hooks, kinks, etc.

LakePro 5.7™
• The industry’s only data based aeration design/sizing program!
• The most systematic, scientific-based approach to aeration design-based on individual specifications of lake conditions!
• Provides confidence in aeration recommendations and tangible, fact-based reports to
substantiate them.
• Can target specific customer (or governmentally required) lake turnover rates.

Complete Vertex Aeration Systems are available at Herman Brothers Pond Management in Peoria, Illinois and also available online at Herman Brothers Lake Products

If you need help determining what system to get, have any questions, or you want to make sure you will get at least full turnover per day, Contact Us for a free design and estimate.

More info about the concept and need for aeration. What does it do and why do you need Aeration: Your Lakes Dynamics

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