Friday, March 13, 2009

Digging Deep for Material

I have spent more time inside the last 2 weeks, than any other 2 week period of my modern life. Everything is wet, muddy and flooding. I havent been fishing in almost a month and am just now getting a minor case of the winter blues.

I did get out to some really neat properties for a handful of On-Site Surveys, but other than that been behind a computer for like 12 hours a day just trying to get everything done for our upcoming season.

The end is in sight- Next week we will be trapping Muskies at Spring Lake, starting some big dock projects, and tuning up the electrofishing boat!

Yesterday I was at one of the neatest ponds. It was shaped like a river and kind of wrapped around the property- Super Cool! I am gonna take some pics next time I am out that way.

Another cool pond I was at had this awesome rope swing.

The pond is about 3 acres and is a perfect swimming hole, except for the fact that the owner said it gets covered with duckweed and watermeal for July and August- Not this year though! This year they will be installing a Vertex AIR 3 aeration system, and killing the duckweed with White Cap.

Come on Spring!

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