Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Porcupine Fish Attractors- Artificial Habitat

Porcupine Fish Attractors are the most innovative fish attractor available on the market today, with the sole purpose of improving your fish catching efficiency. These fish attractors are easy to build, easy to submerge and best of all, easy to fish. If you're looking for a very affordable fish attractor that will last forever, look no farther...Porcupine Fish Attractors is the way to go!

WHAT IS THE PORCUPINE FISH ATTRACTOR?…It’s an artificial fishing structure that brings fish and fishermen closer together. A plastic sphere allows 26 separate ½-inch plastic pipes to stick out, creating lots of cover for fish to hide around, spawn, etc… You can fish it without snagging and losing lures such as jigs, crankbaits, etc

Porcupine Fish Attractors improve spawning habitat while providing valuable structure for all species of fish in all size lakes. Porcupine attractors are used by professional guides, tournament anglers, and more to attract fish to specific locations. I mainly use them to create ice fishing reefs that are snag free! I also have attached and suspended quite a few porcupine attractors directly underneath docks to help hold more fish!

The most economical way to purchase porcupine attractors is to just buy the spheres only. Standard 1/2" pvc pipe can be purchased locally and custom cut to whatever size you want and then stuck into the 26 different 1/2" premade holes in the porcupine sphere. I have custom made tons of porcupine spheres using 5' long pvc pipe. All put together that makes a porcupine attractor that is almost 10.5 feet across! I use those for water deeper than 15 feet. I do not recommend making them any bigger.

1/2 inch pvc pipe typically sells for about 10-15 cents per foot at a local hardware store. If you purchase the spheres only, you will need the following amounts of 1/2 inch PVC pipe to make these size porcupine attractors:

2.5 foot attractor- 26 feet of pipe- About $2.60 pipe cost
4 foot attractor- 50 feet of pipe- About $5.00 pipe cost
5.5 foot attractor- 65 feet of pipe- About $6.50 pipe cost
10.5 foot attractor- 130 feet of pipe About $13.00 pipe cost

Porcupine Spheres and Complete Attractor kits can be purchased from Herman Brothers Pond Management in Peoria, Illinois as well as online at hbpondmanagement.com

Here is some underwater video footage we took of porcupine fish attractors last fall:


  1. nice
    so how deep would you hang a 10ft porcupine off a dock slip

    the water depth is 150 feet so i can suspend my porcupine's at any depth. i was thinkin of building them with 5ft pieces (making a 10ft sphere) and the suspending the center 25ft down

    thoughts? =]

  2. 25 feet down to the center should be perfect for your situation.

  3. how much weight is needed