Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cutrine Plus Lake and Pond Algaecide

Cutrine Plus Lake and Pond Algaecide is not only my favorite, but the absolute best, safest, easiest to use, and most economical agaecide! We use Cutrine Plus for most all of our algae applications and we also mix it with our favorite aquatic herbicides to save money and kill invasive lake weeds more effectively! 

Most everyone tends to use copper sulfate to kill their filamentous algae (moss), and it definitely kills algae! The problem with copper sulfate is that it is a very harsh formulation of copper that extensively damages your ponds entire ecosystem and is not safe for fish or people! Repeated use of copper sulfate actually causes water to go sterile and the end result of a pond that cant keep itself clean is actually more algae! Using copper sulfate makes a pond or lake dependant upon copper sulfate, not to mention environmentally unsafe conditions for fish, plants, and people!

Cutrine Plus is a 9% chelated form of copper that is completely safe for fish, plants, and people! It does not build-up in the pond and does not damage your ponds ecosystem. It is very safe and easy to apply and kills many forms of algae, including the most common filamentous (moss) algae, planktonic (pea soup) algae, chara (muskgrass), and spirogyra.

Application Rates:
Application rates vary quite a bit depending on the amount and type of algae that needs to be treated. 

Filamentous Algae (Moss)- 1 gallon treats 20,000 square feet.
Planktonic Algae- .5 to 1 gallon per acre foot of water.
Chara- 1 gallon treats 10,000 square feet (must be early in the life cycle to be effective)

Application Tips:
How to Apply Cutrine Plus?

For most algae applications mix 1 gallon of Cutrine Plus with 9 gallons of water and 8 ounces of surfactant. Spray directly on the algae, early in the morning, on a sunny day for best results. Heavy infestations of algae will typically need a follow up treatment about 5 days later. 

For Planktonic algae applications, you can simply hold the spray nozzle underwater and drive around or just dilute the cutrine plus in a 5 gallon bucket and evenly slowly pour it into the water as you drive around.

*** For really bad algae infestations I will add 8 ounces of Reward per gallon of Cutrine Plus. I also will typically add 8-12 ounces of Cutrine Plus into most of my Reward applications for invasive lake weeds ***

Water Use Restrictions:
Cutrine Plus does not have any water use restrictions, it is an extremely safe product! Treated water may be used for swimming, fishing, drinking, livestock watering, or irrigation immediately following treatment. One word of caution would be not to kill too much algae at one time during the heat of the summer. Decaying vegetation will deplete the available oxygen and could kill fish.

Where to buy Cutrine Plus?
Cutrine Plus typically only costs about $35-$40 per gallon and is available at Herman Brothers Pond Management in Peoria, Illinois and also available online at Herman Brothers Lake Products That is much cheaper than spending over $100 for a bag of Copper Sulfate!


  1. Thanks for this post! My Farm Pond has excessive algae and being a (former) city girl I have no clue what to do!

  2. my son accidently poured about a half gallon of your product in our swimming pool that is about 10,000 gallons. How soon can a person swim in it and is it safe to back wash the pool watrer out into the green grass of the yard

  3. with that dose, your pool will definitely be algae free! It is safe for green grass but the other chemicals in the pool may not be. Also you should be safe to swim in the pool after a day or so of good sunlight.

  4. Does this stuff work safely with trout? I'm having trouble finding something what works with trout. I think the cutrine label says something about trout and the hardness or something about the water. Help!!! Please!!

  5. We have an above ground swimming pool that has not been used in several years. It has excessive algae. Can Cutrine plus be used
    for this problem?

  6. I know I am late in asking a question, but maybe I will get your educated answer. I used aqua pro t kill the rampant lotus pads. It worked great and safely. Didn't have any fish or any other creatures die. Now we have an over abundance of american pond weed, or bass weed. Especially at the shallow end of the 3.2 acre pond. The aqua pro didn't seem to kill or damage the american pond weed at all. Should I use diaquat or maybe cutrine? I have a 3 gallon sprayer and 2 gallons of surfactant. Which product would you recommend? Thanks!!!