Sunday, March 29, 2009

Green Monster Underwater Fishing and Landscaping Lights

The Green Monster Underwater Fishing and Landscaping Lights are quite frankly some of the very coolest lake products that I have ever used! Green Monster Lights are waterproof lights that you simply install underwater a few feet out from your dock, seawall, or shoreline. They turn on automatically at night with their photocell and turn off automatically in the morning when the sun comes up.

I first started using these lights to create nighttime fishing spots for clients ponds and lakes, but since then have found that these lights quickly become the favorite lake product of my clients spouses and non-fishing family members as well! They look incredible and are very intriguing to say the least.

I knew I had found a quality American made, simply amazing product when I installed my first light several years ago, but I never imagined how popular they would ultimately become! I started installing these lights for clients on a 3 week trial basis. If they did not like them, then I would go back and pull the light out and it wouldn't cost them one dime. Needless to say I have only had one client not purchase his light after his 3 week trial. (his neighbors however are in the process of purchasing one for this year!)

Not only do the Green Monster Underwater fishing lights look incredible, but you can see every fish that swims within 50 feet of the light. These lights congregate fish better at night than any product I have ever seen! Plankton, Zooplankton, and other small pond creatures are attracted to the lights, and small fish which feast on those little creatures show up in large schools! You probably know where I am heading with this, but in case you dont, anytime you have large schools of baitfish congregated in an area, the large predators are typically not too far away!
I traded Ray Scott, the founder of B.A.S.S. one of these lights at a convention for a couple of his fishing rods. He liked his light so much that he purchased 5 more for his Presidents fishing lake down in Alabama. Talk to him about his lights, and he starts acting like a kid running free in a candy store!

For those curious, the control box pictured below mounts to a post, or some structure and plugs into an outlet. The cord to the light bulb comes out of the control box and can be custom made to your desired length needed to get to your installation spot. I simply attach a concrete weight with a zip tie and sink the light bulb to the bottom. In deep or muddy water, I just raise the light until I get the desired "cone" at night.

Green Monster Underwater Fishing and Landscaping Lights start at $318.00 and are available at Herman Brothers Pond Management in Peoria, Illinois and also online at Herman Brothers Lake Products online store.


  1. I love these lights! wish I could afford one, maybe next spring.

  2. wow amazing i love the color of the lights . i think you give me an idea to put that kind at my garden beside my wind spinners.

  3. It's going to look fabulous! You have some beautiful plants picked out, some which we can't grow up here in zone 5. I'm so glad you got a deal on the plants, they can be so expensive. Keep up the good work! :)
    Landscaping Virginia

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