Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Damp, Cold, and Sick!

Friday, March 20th my 3 year old daughter woke up in the middle of the night with (lets call it a great surprise) in her pullup! That was the very beginning of perhaps the absolute worst 2 weeks ever in the Herman house.

Mae spent the next few days with a severe case of (just feels weird even typing the word, but oh well....) diarrhea. I dont even know how to spell it correctly, for some reason it is just a gross, almost forbidden word? Anyhow the same day that Mae picked up this flu from one of her friends, Noah comes down with a super high fever from Saturday until Wednesday. 

So Mae has the flu and Noah has a fever and on Wednesday they decided to switch illnessess. When Noah is sick, he just wants to be held 24/7, but he doesnt cry or wine. When Mae is sick, all of our neighbors and basically everyone in the whole word knows it! Brook and I spent basically that entire week with little to no peaceful sleep and then at the end of the week, the kids both start feeling better, but Brook and I each get high fevers and  severe sore throats! (so bad that my neck is swollen and I can barely move it!) 

Here I sit at home on Wednesday after yet another sleepless night. Its cold, damp, and wet outside, Mae and Noah are going stir crazy being couped up inside for the last 2 weeks, and Brook and I literally dont know how much more we can take? Brook is finally going to the doctor this morning and hopefully will be prescribed some medicine that will put me completely out for the next 2 days!

The only thing getting us through these last couple weeks is that we are leaving on Friday for our first family vacation since Noah was born! We are headed to Gulf Shores, Alabama for a week of fishing, swimming, and just getting out of this horrible weather! Just hoping and praying that we can all be healed up and ready to travel by friday afternoon. 

I had big plans for these 2 weeks leading up to vacation and was only able to get a small fraction of those projects done. Leaving for vacation right now at the beginning of our busy season is pretty much the dumbest business decision of the year, but this vacation means too much to my family to pass up.  

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