Sunday, April 26, 2009

Building a Floating Dock Pictures

Here are some construction pictures of a floating dock we built and installed for the Brakers and Lemans in Morton. We specialize in building floating docks and only use the best materials available!

We built the 16'x28' frame in 4- 8'x14' sections at our shop. Also on the top of the pile is our 8'x12' long gangway. We used 2x8 pressure treated framing lumber with heavy duty marine grade hardware.

Once the framing is complete, we load all the dock sections and premium dock floats onto our trailer and haul it out to the job site. Building the docks at our shop shaves tons of hours off of the dock building process.

When we get to the pond or lake, we strategically bolt the 8' sections together and use special hinges to attach the 14' sections and the gangway. Below are some pics of the corner hinges and gangway hinges.

Attaching the floats and the sections at the job is a breeze when we get all of the components laid out correctly!

Doesn't the water look inviting? We use our own mixtures of various colors of lake dyes to custom make each pond water look exactly the color the owner wants it to look! I have various shades of Blue, Green, and Black.

Our floating docks are very stable, heavy duty, and custom built to last a lifetime!

I will post the completion pictures once it quits raining. Seems like it has been raining the entire month of April!

I dug up a completed pic of this dock:


  1. Can you tell me how much it cost?