Sunday, April 26, 2009

Electrofishing Pics from Larry's Pond

Saturday I headed north for an electrofishing survey for Larry Gerdes. He played basketball for the University of Illinois long before I was even born, and was wearing his Illini Cap when I pulled in Saturday morning. I am a big Illini fan myself and was excited to see a guy who has made his living in Atlanta, Georgia for the last 20 or 30 years still wearing the Orange and Blue!

Anyhow, Larry stocked his pond 7 years ago and stocked it with some fairly large fish to begin with! His pond is extremely fertile and overall fairly shallow, but it grows some really big fish for only being 2.5 acres. The water visibility was less than one foot due to all the rain we have been having, so it was tough to see the fish in the electric field, but we did manage to get quite a few real nice largemouth and catfish.

We tagged about 25 bass and a catfish, took some pictures, and hashed out a completely customized management plan for Larry's pond and fish. I always will customize a management plan based on the clients goals, budget, and timeframe. He wants to keep the vegetation down in his major recreational areas and wants to focus on growing big bass, but still wants to keep enough bass in the pond for all the grandkids to not get bored fishing as well.

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