Thursday, April 2, 2009

HB Pond Toon Boat Pricing: Complete Pontoon Boat Kits

The HB Pond Toon Boats are Tough, Durable, Easy to Assemble, Very Stable, and Very Easy to Operate! With just a few basic carpentry skills and some standard hand tools, just about anyone can put together their own HB Pond Toon Boat for a fraction of the cost of a comparable pontoon boat from a boat dealer.

HB Pond Toon Boats are sold 4 ways: completely assembled, in complete kit form, the complete bottom kit, and also just the pontoons. Here is the pricing and information for our Complete Pontoon Boat Kits:

6' and 7' Complete Pontoon Boat Kits come standard with 2 rows of pontoons. 8' wide Complete Pontoon Boat Kits come standard with 3 rows of pontoons for maximum rock-solid stability and speed!

6'x12' Complete Kit costs $2950
6'x14' Complete Kit costs $3350
6'x16' Complete Kit costs $3750
6'x18' Complete Kit costs $4150
6'x20' Complete Kit costs $4550

7'x12' Complete Kit costs $3400
7'x14' Complete Kit costs $3800
7'x16' Complete Kit costs $4200
7'x18' Complete Kit costs $4600
7'x20' Complete Kit costs $5000

8'x12' Complete Kit costs $4250
8'x14' Complete Kit costs $4650
8'x16' Complete Kit costs $5050
8'x18' Complete Kit costs $5450
8'x20' Complete Kit costs $5850

HB Complete Pond Toon Boat Kits consist of everything you need to build your own custom Pontoon Boat! Heavy Duty Plastic Pontoons, Pontoon Z-Bars, Aluminum Framing Z-Bars, Motor Mount, Aluminum Deck Trim, Custom Fit Railings, Navigational Lights, Boat Cleats, Pontoon Handles for Easy Lifting, All Necessary Hardware, and Nautolex Marine Vinyl Floor Covering.

Optional Accessories:
8' Shade Canopy costs $700
Steering Column costs $150
Pedestal Seat costs $160
Pedestal Premium Fish Cleaning Table cost $350
Seat Top Pontoon Storage Boxes $550-$800
4'x8' Sheet of Marine Grade Plywood cost $100
We completely assemble any of these kits for $500-$1000 depending on the size.

Complete pontoon boat kits can be picked up at Herman Brothers Pond Management in Peoria, Illinois or packaged up into boxes and shipped via UPS. ***Pre-Cut Marine Grade Flooring can be included in these kits for pick up only. That is the only item that cannot be shipped via ups***

Completely assembled HB Pond Toons can be picked up at our store or delivered nationwide for $2.00 per mile one way from Peoria.

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