Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Texas Hunter DF125 Fish Feeder

The Texas Hunter D125 is the very best fish feeder ever made! They are made up of the very highest quality material available right here in the United States of America. 

I have tried out and sold every type, style, and brand of fish feeders ever made and the Texas Hunter is by the best unit we have ever used. From the time you take it out of the box, it only takes about 5 minutes to finish assembly and set the timer to start feeding! 

I have never had a problem yet with any of the Texas Hunter feeders we have sold and installed for clients: no jams, low batteries, wet food, or any malfunctions whatsoever! 

The small 12 volt rechargeable battery keeps the timer and motor running, and the premium solar panel keeps the battery charged all season long!

-Utilizing a high velocity air stream to project feed pellets into the water, the Texas Hunter Feeder delivers a wedge-shaped feed pattern approximately 45 feet in length by 20 feet in width. 
-The EZ Set Digital Timer - backed by a 5-Year Limited Warranty - controls a specially engineered dual motor system. A metered flow of feed is introduced directly into the air blower assembly, eliminating the need for problematic augers, solenoids or shut-off gates.
- This directional fish feeder features two built-in sight gauges that make it easy to check the feed level from practically any direction, while large welded footpads and height-adjustable legs make anchoring and leveling the feeder on sloping pond banks easy. 
-The optional solar charger mounts on any side of this fish feeder to maximize the exposure to the sun, while a tough, steel, flexible conduit protects the wires from the weather and varmints. I always try to face the solar panel to the south.

*Less than 4' tall for easy filling
*Powder-coated Texas Hunter Green Galvanized Steel Hopper
*Two built-in feed level sight gauges
*Powerful centrifugal air blower assembly
*Designed to feed fish pellets or shelled corn
*Capacity: 125 lbs of corn, 90 lbs sinking fish pellets or 70 lbs floating fish feed
*Output (10 seconds): Game Fish Chow 2.6 pounds / Aquamax 600 1.6 pounds
*Wedge-shaped feed pattern 45' x 20'
*Large welded footpads for extra stability
*Your choice: Adjustable legs for easy leveling or Straight legs for piers & docks
*Legs & footpads are powder-coated for rust prevention
*EZ Set digital timer - no fuses - no 'timer' battery required - 5-year warranty
*12v rechargeable heavy duty 7amp battery included
*Built-in 'nut-serts' make leg installation a breeze!

Texas Hunter Fish Feeders can be purchased at Herman Brothers Pond Management in Peoria, IL or online at hbpondmanagement.com

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