Friday, March 13, 2009

Cygnet BioBlend Beneficial Pond and Lake Bacteria

Cygnet BioBlend is my favorite beneficial pond bacteria! I have been experimenting with bacteria in ponds for many years and have found Bio Blend to be the very best bacteria product available. It comes in 1/2 lb water soluble packets and contains over 5 billion CFU/g. That stands for Colony Forming Units per Gram.

These bacteria are a specific blend of high-quality, gram-negative, naturally occurring bacteria designed to augment existing pond bacteria populations to enhance their ability to reduce organic pond sediment (“muck”).
-Concentration of 5 billion CFU/gram
-Contains 16 different gram-negative strains
-Short reproduction time (30 minutes)
-Little mortality on first budding
-Extremely active compared to gram-positive Bacteria

Bio Blend is DNA tested to confirm strains and verify quality and content. All Strains are confirmed to be non-pathogenic bacteria which produce the following beneficial enzymes:



Bio Blend pond bacteria naturally removes decaying organic wastes such as grass clippings, leaves, excess fertilizer runoff, dead plants, fish and animal wastes. It also eliminates murky water, odors and bottom sludge caused by organic waste buildup.

By naturally removing excess ammonia-causing and nitrite-causing wastes from the water, Cygnet BioBlend is an entirely organic method of maintaining your water body. It works throughout the entire water column and bottom sludge layer, to digest organic wastes generated by animal and plant life.

Bio Blend programs rejuvenate life back into your lake or pond! I use Bio Blend Pond Bacteria to create natural, healthy bodies of water and reduce or even eliminate the need to use algaecides and herbicides altogether.

Application Rates:
Application rates can vary significantly from one pond to the next and depend greatly on the nutrient level and organic muck build up. I typically recommend starting out with 8 lbs per surface acre initially, and then supplement the bacteria with 4 lbs per acre every 2 weeks. Nutrient loaded ponds with heavy duckweed and algae infestations usually need to double those rates for the first year of a BioBlend Bacteria program.

For Example:
A typical pond in the Midwest will need 50 lbs of BioBlend per surface acre for a 6 month season. Apply 8 lbs of BioBlend per acre once the water temps reach at least 55 degrees in the spring. Then every 2 weeks throughout the season use 4 lbs of BioBlend per acre.

Application Tips:
Simply take out the 1/2 lb water soluble packages and toss them around the edge of your lake or pond. I usually throw them about 10-15 feet from shore. The bacteria within will self disperse and multiply on their own!

Water Use Restrictions:
BioBlend has absolutely no water use restrictions. It is completely safe for fish, animals, drinking, irrigating, swimming, and fishing once diluted.

Where to Buy BioBlend:
Cygnet Bio Blend comes in 1/2 lb water soluble packets packaged in buckets of 10 lbs and 25 lbs. It can be purchased from Herman Brothers Pond Management's Online Store.
It is also available at Herman Brothers Lake Products Ebay Store

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