Saturday, March 14, 2009

Honey Hole Tree Fish Structure and Habitat

The Honey Hole Tree is the very best commercially available artificial fish attractor/habitat! Fish absolutely love them for spawning habitat, protection, and feeding zones! 

Each fish cover honey hole tree has 93 flexible limbs that produces a permanent haven for crappie, bass, and catfish. The cone and limbs are made from environmentally friendly polyethylene. You can fish through the cover without snagging which puts more fish in the boat and less tackle lost below. 

Our Honey Hole Tree Fish Attractors have over 15,000 square inches of surface area for algae, eggs, and insect larvae to attach to. The dozen slots around the exterior allow baitfish access to a place to hide which in turn attracts larger fish. 

The Honey Hole Tree Fish Cover is best utilized in water that is six feet deep or deeper. A cluster of at least three trees in a triangular pattern is the most effective. Sink trees on points or coves and any spot where there is a sharp contrast in water depth. Another prime location is under a floating dock or pier. In deeper water you may want to suspend the tree. 

For deeper water reefs, you can remove the pre-formed weight and simply connect 2 or more honey hole trees together to create a 12 foot tall fish attractor! Connect 3 of them together to create an 18 foot tall attractor for really deep water and an artificial reef that will hold fish all year long!

The Optional Maximizer Kit doubles the overall size of our fish cover trees and shrubs, allowing you to get twice the cover for 1/3 of the price.

Honey Hole Trees can be purchased at Herman Brothers Pond Management in Peoria, Illinois or are available online at Herman Brothers Lake Products

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