Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pheasants Forever Hunt: One Last Hurrah for the Dogs

On Saturday my brothers and I were invited out to one of the neatest pheasant habitat lands in central Illinois. It is owned by the Gilles brothers over by Princeville. The Gilles boys are very actively involved with the Pheasants Forever organization and their property would definitely be one to showcase! 
Our mission for the day was to get Jeff and the Farmer's dogs Hawk and Indy out for one last hurrah on the certified dog training fields on the property. My oldest brother Chad was the designated camera man for the day, the Farmer was working his dog gunless due to a shoulder injury, so that left all the shooting up to Jeff, Justin, and I. 
We had great weather and an absolute great time! Indy and Hawk are some really great dogs to hunt with.

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