Thursday, April 16, 2009

Vertex Aeration System Install in Southern Illinois

Went down to Mowequa, Illinois today with Justin to install a Vertex Air 3 XL aeration system and do some electrofishing on a 4 acre pond. We use the front cage of our electrofishing boat to very easily install the heavy weighted tubing and big XL diffusers. Everything went smooth and we were back in Peoria by 5 pm. We had enough daylight left to check our trapnets and do some electro shocking on our own pond in Peoria. Here are some pics of the Vertex Air 3 XL pond aeration system.

Look at how huge these diffusers are! This particular pond is 40 feet deep and we are completely turning over the water 1.21 times every day.

Here is a pic of our electrofishing boat! We use it to easily install the weighted tubing, and then we did some population analysis when we were done installing!
Our client down in Southern Illinois has started a fertilization program to help feed the yoy fish, reduce visibility in his gin clear water, and up his overall fish carrying capacity in this fairly infertile lake. He is really setting the pond up nice and will have the exact trophy bluegill/crappie fishery he is managing for.
Currently he is overloaded with 12 inch largemouth bass and typically I would recommend harvesting about 100 per acre for him, but his goal is not to grow big largemouth bass, he wants to grow big panfish! Lots of small hungry bass is a big key to growing LARGE panfish.

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