Sunday, April 5, 2009

Vacation at Gulf Shores Alabama!

After two weeks of everyone being sick, tons of snow and rain at home, and a sleepless 14 hour car trip during the middle of the night, WE FINALLY arrived down at our condo in Gulf Shores, Alabama at 6 am! As I was driving from 3 am to 6 am, all I could think about besides the crying children was getting to a bed for some much needed sleep.

Anyhow when we got in, I was so pumped up that intead of hitting the sack, I headed out to the beach to watch the sunrise and wet a line. Yep, I was headed out fishing within 20 minutes of arriving.

Turns out I should have just went to bed, because the fish were not in the mood for cheap frozen shrimp dinners! My day, my father-in law and myself fished for about an hour and managed to catch one nice sheepshead and 4 whiting (just enough for fish sandwiches at lunchtime!)

This is a picture of a Whiting. They average about 1 pound and taste EXCELLENT! There are times when I can catch 5 gallon buckets full of these tasty fish when I find a school congregated while fishing right off the beach in front of the Condo.

This is a sheepshead. We caught this big momma on the beach, but we typically dont catch very many of them in the surf. Usually we go to the rocks and jettis to find schools of these lite biting prehistoric looking fish. Their teeth actually look just like human teeth! They are crazy looking and super hard fiting. For you freshwater fisherman, imagine pulling in 2-4 lb bluegill!

So that little excursion got the juices flowing, provided a nice lunch, and set the tone for our big day of deep sea fishing in Orange Beach aboard the HIGH COTTON! on Sunday.


  1. Lots of sheepshead in the Intracoastal Canal on the Alabama Gulf coast.

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