Thursday, September 22, 2011

Super Cool Projects

Been working on some super cool projects keepin the guys busy and electrofishing some awesome lakes the last couple weeks.

This project is connecting two lakes together that are about 1200 feet apart. Making a canal that will be 6 feet deep and creating some hatchery ponds with the excess dirt that will drain into the canal.

Been renovating this outpost cabin for client. The porch was poured last week by Lone Wolf Concrete and we are putting in the cedar posts and beams for the screened in porch!

Been electrofishing in Kingston, Paris, Secor, and consulting near Ipava, Illinois for new clients recently. Coming up with some really awesome custom management plans! Here are some pics, one lake was full of carp, suckers, buffalo, and all kinds of river fish. Gonna turn that lake into the best bass lake in Northern, Illinois. Not an easy one, but the owner is motivated so it will be accomplished!

Here are pics of my brothers pond filling up. Its going to be a smallmouth bass and yellow perch pond as soon as we get some rain.

Front door of the hunting lodge we are working on. Pretty cool wood carved scene!

Got a few things happening, very exciting. Every day is jampacked and we are very thankful to be busy working with some great people on some very neat projects! The rest of this year until ice fishing season is booked out to capacity.

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