Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter Fishing

The weather today was just simply awesome! After church we took some naps and then headed over to my parents for a big family dinner of ribs and brisket. What an awesome day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus!! After dinner and the Easter Egg hunt, the kids went down to the pond to play outside and do some fishin.

We have 25 muskies in this little pond and they showed up today, but we only landed one of them. At least this one was enough for a couple meals!! I probably have the only fishing blog online where you can see muskies on the fillet table.....Here is the thing, muskies are a put and take fish, they do not reproduce in Illinois. I use them as management tools, but once they reach certain sizes for certain bodies of water its time for them to go.

On Wednesday I went fishing with Keith and Justin. They purchased a donated fishing trip from the Hooked on Fishing Catch a Dream fishing trip auction. Despite the cold front that came in, we caught a dozen smallmouth bass from 2-4 lbs, 40 walleye 1-4 lbs, and 60 largemouth from 2-4 lbs. Not too bad eh? Chef Todd has the rest of the pics on his camera, I only have a couple.

Also this week Chef Todd and I fished with Mike Pehanich. Mike writes for many magazines and websites like bassmaster, bassin something or other, Cabelas outfitter journal, and many others.

Anyhow we caught some awesome fish, those pics will surface here eventually as well as in some of those publications mentioned above so be on the lookout coming up!!

Also Chef Todd is now on the Illinois Land Company Pro Staff. His mission is to showcase the awesome hunting and fishing on many of the properties that are currently for sale. On Tuesday he fished on Tract 3 of the John Buck Farm and they smoked the big bass!!

More details and information from shocking surveys and fishing trips on all the lakes we have for sale will be coming over the next few weeks!

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