Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer Fish

Filling up at gas stations is pretty much a daily routine that last few weeks. Been traveling all over and then trying to build my house with every waking spare moment. Got the drywall all hung and taped and even primed, but still got a ton of exterior work to get done before I get inside to trim it out. This house will end up taking just a hair over a year from start to finish working on nights and weekends. Here are a couple pics of the kitchen/great room. I'll get some more of the exterior later in the week.

I have squeezed in a couple short fishing trips over the last couple weeks. First time in a couple years I took people fishing without taking a camera, was a weird feeling. I was able to snap a couple of photos of fishing with my sister in law from kansas:

Chef Todd is on my Pro Staff for We have partnered up with to create the ultimate opportunity to market and sell our clients fishing and hunting properties. He has been fishing like crazy and getting some amazing pics from some amazing fishing properties, even in the heat!

We decided to drain one pond to fill up the newly constructed smallmouth pond. Who wants to wait till rain....

Once we got the one pond all drained out as much as possible we had Rob from DNR come out and kill off the remaining fish with Rotenone so we can start that pond all over again without existing fish to contend with. Believe it or not, that actually is the fastest way to make a world class fishery as opposed to working with existing useless fish.

So anyhow I had a good friend and client James Holt and his Father In Law from Texas come up on Friday and we did some fishing before heading up to Lake Delavan on Saturday and Sunday. James has one of the best private fishing lakes in Texas, but he wanted to come up north and try for some northern species of fish. Here are a couple pics from a short Friday afternoon fishing trip, but the rest of the Lake Delavan pics and adventure will be for another day...

So anyhow the Lake Delavan fishing adventure is a must see for anyone who like bass, pike, and walleye fishing. We headed up there with 10 guys for a Saturday evening and Sunday morning fishing trip.......

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