Sunday, September 16, 2012

Million Dollar Weather

We spend a good portion of nearly every single day outside. I love the change of the seasons and even dont mind the hottest hot nor the coldest cold. There is always something new to do outside regardless of the weather extremes....HOWEVER the weather the last couple days outside has been as good as it gets anywhere in the world!

Seriously, if you work inside in a cubicle, step outside during break or lunch, take a deep breath, and close your eyes for a few minutes. You can literally spend those few minutes daydreaming that your at your most favorite place on the planet. Sunny and 75 degrees can rejuvenate even the grumpiest of persons....

Crappie are biting, geese are flying, doves are heading out of town, deer are starting to get a bit restless, leaves are just starting to respond to the crisp nights, fall food plots are coming in strong, and a bunch fish are just about to find some new homes. These are good times and now we just hope to hold onto this perfect weather for another 6 weeks!!!!

I got trees on my mind, been daydreaming and researching trees every spare moment. I met with the state tree biologist at our new Dahinda tree farm and soaked up as much tree information as humanly possible.

If ever I get this house built, I will be spending my new found free time pruning and nurturing about 3000 new trees! Brook is working me and her into the ground on this house project. We complain every night about our working on our house aches and pains, with no sympathy for each other whatsoever. She wants to be in by Thanksgiving and I want to be in the week after second shotgun season in December.......

Wednesday evening we all loaded up and headed up to Kenosha for a quick Salmon fishing trip sponsored by one of our distributors IKO shingles and Richards Supply in Peoria. We stayed at this very cool old firehouse that accomodated all 11 of us and had a very cool downstairs with pool table and such. The old doors opened up and we hung out with the doors wide open virtually all night:

So we ended up getting a quick nap in before heading out at 5 am for some salmon and trout fishing. We got outside the harbor and were greeted to a nice stiff 15-25 mph north wind and some 4-6 footers. My boat ended up fishing about an hour and landed a lake trout and rainbow trout and then headed in with empty stomachs about 7 am. My dads boat stayed out a couple hours longer and caught a very nice mixed bag of fish. The fish were biting, its too bad we couldnt stay at em:

Funny story from last week or so. Along with food plots, we have been seeding a bunch of new lawns and dams with our conservation seeder. (if you havent picked up on this yet, I will just come out and say it)- anything you could ever need done on your property, we do it: cutting down a tree limb, fixing your shingles, adding a sunroom, building a lake, establishing prairie grass, growing bigger fish, timber stand improvement, fixing your fence, or helping you start a garden or even grow some pheasants or chickens. Anything you can think of, we can hook you up!

Oh yeah back to the funny we had one bin of our seeder filled up with shot plot turnips and whatnot for a clients food plot. The other bins were filled up with grass seed for a 2 acre yard for Dr. Driesnack. We graded and seeded his yard very nicely (which is gonna need mowed soon) and then went to go plant the turnips at a little honey hole plot... Well needless to say the turnip seed bin was just about empty when we got to the next place.

The conversation went well with Dr. D telling him we screwed up and he now has a nice crop of turnips mixed in with his new grass....thank goodness he thought it was funny and we will fix it up in the spring.... Now we just have to build up enough nerve to ask him if we can set up a couple deer stands over his backyard food plot....just kidding, but you know as good as I do that will be the best stand of brassicas anywhere in the area....

Steve S's hunting ground up near Henry is ready to rock and roll. His redneck blind is perched over 3 acres of Whitetail Harvest Salad. More pics and descriptions of this mix to come in the future...

His other plots are rockin and rolling too. If you don't know by looking, you'll have to ask Jared what this picture is of, but it looks nice and tasty, just need some ranch dressing......

With this gorgeous weather we are still squeezing in a few last minute seeding projects of winter wheat and oats, but electrofishing season has now kicked into full gear! Yesterday afternoon we checked up on Mamers lake over past Goodfield and after two years of intensive bass culling they have officially turned the corner and will be catching some very nice bass for the next few years!

While at a clients place over near Abingdon on Saturday morning, he had a bunch of new hay bale blinds sitting out. They were very cool so we checked em out and tracked down the maker of them. A local guy has been making these things like crazy. They are sweet and at $450 they are totally an awesome value too. Call me up if you want to get on a waiting list for one or two of these babies...

Today after church my bros and all our kids went out and hung a bunch of deer stands.

Tomorrow I will be heading to Cedar Rapids for a handful of electrofishing surveys and then the end of the week we are kicking off fish stocking season for a couple boys down in Mahomet!! Justin and Jared will be building a Canadian themed lake with a bunch of islands for Ralph starting this week as well which is gonna be sweet! I will get home tuesday afternoon and Brook already is making sure I go straight to the house to start laying the hardwood floor. I literally had less than 10 minutes of just sit in a chair free time over the last week. Its Sunday night and writing this is my way of unwinding before bed and the beginning of a new week.

Mom just texted me this pic of a bass she and dad caught this afternoon:


  1. Wow! Nice catch huh? Hope I can also catch fishes that big.