Saturday, July 27, 2013

Super Huge Bluegill

Here are some of the pictures from last saturday's bluegill fishing trip. We started fishing about 7 am and fished till noon or so... was a pretty good outing. What is crazy is that the best is yet to come in terms of the bluegill fishing in this lake over the next year or two....

When you are bluegill fishing with rattle traps and crankbaits, it gives you an opportunity to also catch some nice walleye.....

After lunch we took the kids out for some fishing too:

Then we got hot so we decided to get in the water and swim with the fishes:

So that wraps up Saturday... Anyhow whats crazy is that is only a portion of the pictures from the day. Whats even crazier is that we have only scratched the surface on how big these bluegills are gonna get once they grow up.... speaking of growing up, I never imagined this is what I would be doing when I grew up.... some would argue that I may never actually grow up....

So anyhow onto yet another jampacked week. I spent this week building a waterslide near Secor, hanging out with thee Pond Boss Bob Lusk and his family for a couple days, and then finished the week shocking lakes and speaking at a big lake and land management expo near Cedar Rapids, Iowa.... Here are some pics from along the way:

This is the portable catfishing pond we brought to the expo for the kids to fish for catfish in:

The one albino catfish got caught about a dozen times:

Justin and I got back home with just enough daylight to scout out who is coming in to our food plots:

We saw three nice bucks and over thirty other deer. Monster Bull Bluegills and Monster Whitetail Bucks....... Once the sun set we met up with Chad and Jared and spent the next hour going through trail camera pics from Ellisville Farm... Right now the deer are hammering the alfalfa plots way stronger than any other plot we have planted.....Over 15 different bucks in two weeks from just 3 acres of alfalfa..... Here is a pic of the plot getting hammered the most. Once I get the trail cam pics onto my computer I will be posting them, they are mouth watering awesome... We have several pics of 3-4 big bucks all eating from this plot at once...


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