Monday, January 18, 2016

Ice Fishing Season is HERE!!

Ice fishing season is finally here! But be very careful as the ice right now is very deceiving! Some lakes locked up early and now have solid 4-6" of ice, but some lakes did not lock up till just recently and only have 1" or less ice in places!! The super cold nights we had were also very windy so make sure to be extra safe out there!

I am getting some really good "first ice" fishing reports!! First ice is always my favorite time to fish, fish are typically active all day long making for some great days out on the water! I am especially excited about this year, since I wasn't able to ice fish much last year.

We are currently scheduling guided ice fishing trips from Wednesday, January 20th until Friday, January 29th. We have openings each day and are super excited to get on some awesome fish! Email for more details and to schedule your trip. This season could definitely be short but sweet! Also new this year is we have 3 heated cabins available to rent for some multi day ice fishing adventures!

Don't miss out on your chance for world class fishing right here in Central Illinois! We will be fishing for jumbo perch, boone n crockett bluegills, crappie, catfish, bass, brown trout, brook trout, rainbow trout, walleye and muskie! Here are some pics of what we are after this year!! Just let me know what species is on your bucket list and lets go get after it!

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