Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Fishing Trip

Christmas Eve Fishing Trip With Dad and Chad!

Well, it only took my dad and I about until 7:30 this morning to realize that not too much work was going to get done today. He called at just about the exact minute I had picked up the phone to call him and talk him into a quick fishing trip this afternoon. My oldest brother Chad called only about 15 minutes later thinking the same thing! We decided we would be able to all get away about 11 am.

We headed for a new set of ponds today on the outskirts of Elmwood. Our original destination was going to be our lake out in Norris, but 20 mph wind and falling temps made us head for a more sheltered location. I needed to prefish these ponds anyway, cause I am taking the owner's family on a guided icefishing trip in about 2 weeks. There were 3 ponds we needed to pre-fish, all stocked with different types of fish.

Pond #1

It only took about 90 seconds to realize that the first pond is going to be dynamite! It is completely full of nice rainbow trout and tons of channel catfish between 2 and 5 lbs. The trout were just hammering Forage Fry jigs tipped with Gulp Alive, live minnows, and waxworms. They were too aggressive today for us to get any catfish.

Pond #2
This is the biggest pond on the property, at about 10 acres. It was not sheltered from the wind at all and very miserable to fish today. We did drill a couple holes and try to man up for a few minutes, but didn't last long. Dad did manage a nice yellow perch before we headed to the third pond. By the way, this pond is full of perch, walleye, crappie, bass, catfish, and bluegill.

Pond #3
Very pleasantly surprised by what we caught here. The pond was completely blocked from the wind and we fished for about an hour. The pond is stocked with bluegill, largemouth and hybrid striped bass. We only caught bluegill, but they were some real nice ones! Chad was sitting on the honey hole in about 9 foot of water, right next to shore, under a big tree. Every drop was an immediate fish. Dad and I were only 10 feet away, but there was considerable less action in our holes. Towards the end or our trip, both dad and I snuck over to his hole and caught a few nice fish while Chad was packing up!

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