Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Electro Fishing Lake Audits and Pics

Here are some pics from shocking some lakes and ponds the last few days. We will be doing a lot of traveling over the next few weeks performing Full Lake Audits and Electrofishing for BIG lakes and pond across the state of Illinois.

We are pretty much booked solid for the rest of this season, but get your favorite fishing lake, club, campground, etc signed up for next spring!!

John Sauders Pond Pics:

Lake Wildwood Fish Pics:

Wilmington Recreation Club pics:

Redear Sunfish Stocking program to combat zebra mussel infestation has been working!

Doug Oberhelmans Fish Pictures. This is a lake we have been stocking heavy with northern pike, tiger musky, and walleye in order to combat the infestation of carp, gizzard shad, and yellow bass. It is working, and the LMB are getting fatter and larger (albeit not quite as many of 'em):

Leisure Times Pictures:

That is definitely the end to a very eventful week! I am stuck in the office all day today trying to catch up on voice and emails and write up some reports before our next round of electrofishing kicks off at 5am Monday morning. Next week we are headed to Shelbina, Mo; Fiatt, IL; Lisle, IL; and the Quad Cities for electrofishing surveys and also gonna squeeze in a Sonogram for our little bun in the oven as well as attend the Lyle Finch Memorial Clay Pigeon Shoot that benefits the Easter Seals. Then on Saturday we are taking a family guided fishing out at the lake that they purchased from the PCS benefit auction. About next sunday I will have another round of really cool fish pics for sure!

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