Friday, September 11, 2009

Week Review and Upcoming Schedule

Quarter till midnight and I am sitting here trying to make a game plan for the next 6 weeks. I just spent the week electrofishing and delivering Hybrid Striped Bass across the state of Illinois, all while trying to juggle about a million or two other things as well. I managed to squeeze in a Hooked on Fishing Park meeting, a house showing, an onsite consultation, 400 answered voice and emails, and two chiropractor appointments (I hurt my back playing football in June, lived with the pain for 4 months and finally went to the Dr. Bob Benningfield and am completely pain free after 2 weeks!!!!!) Also got the kids to bed every night before getting back to working on something and even managed a trip to the park with them on thursday night for a couple hours.

Looking ahead, I will be delivering Hybrid Striped Bass saturday morning, hopefully will be just sick enough to not be able to make it to Brook's friends wedding sat evening, but yet still able to watch a few football games! Then Sunday we are heading to church and then to Ariya's B-day party (its at the lake, so that will be a good time). And then Monday and Tuesday are going to be SWAMPED trying to get everything done before I leave for the National Pond Boss Convention in Branson, MO on Wed. Monday we are going to squeeze in a fishing trip with the skyline drive nursing home down at the fishing park, tuesday will be spent just getting everything ready for the convention. Thursday I am fishing in a "celebrity" fishing tournament so to speak on Table Rock Lake and then friday afternoon Justin and I are in charge of the seining demonstration at the Big Cedar Lodge Pond and also are setting up displays and talking about the Green Monster Fishing Lights, Bojo Buglights, and the Porcupine Fish Attractors!

When we get home from the conference I left monday open on the schedule, but then the rest of september is booked solid with lake audits, electrofishing surveys, and consultations in the Quad Cities, Wildwood, Champaign, Wilmington, Fiatt, Camelot, Middle Grove, and a big aeration install in Shelbina, Mo! All of our summer help is back to school and Justin and I are going to be working like madmen trying to get everything done, not to mention packaging up and shipping out online orders everyday. Oh yeah, one minor detail I forgot as well is that it looks like I hopefully will be signing some papers next week to sell my house and will probably be moving out in a month and still need to find a place to live! I have already seen everything that is available online in the peoria area, but just need to get out and start checking some places out. Life is definitely in the fast lane, but as long as I can stay somewhat sane over the next 6 weeks things will be shaping up pretty good for the winter!

Now I just need to stay up a bit longer, figure out a way to clog up my nose completely, get a little sore throat started, wake up super early in the morning without much sleep and then I just may be in a great position to get out of this wedding sat afternoon! Its a good thing Brook doesnt read my blog very often....hehe. If for some reason someone is still reading this far down the page without any pictures or videos to break up the monotony I will report back later this weekend with results from the operation wedding ditching project! There is not any single event that I dread more than a wedding and a reception.

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