Friday, July 29, 2011

Fishing Derby Food Update

Just wanted to let everyone know about the food that has been provided for the fishing derby at the fishing park on Saturday. Everyone is invited down for Community Day at the park. Lunch is being provided by Jimmy Johns, Firehouse Pizza, EP's in East Peoria is going to have a salad bar and Uncle Bob's Ice Cream is providing lots of Ice Cream!

Fishing Derby is from 10-12 with lots of prizes, the rest of the day is just for eating food and open fishing to anyone who wants to come down and fish or relax outdoors.

The lunch is free, the derby is free, and absolutely everyone is invited to come on down! Hope to see you all there!! The park is located right next to Dixons Seafood in East Peoria.


  1. Nate, I love the way "the food" is always at the top of your list! You crack me up! I hope the day went great! Probably as good as being in Canada lol!

  2. Thanks for rubbing in the Canada fishing trip Dave! And yes food is a very important part to living so if we must consume it we might as well enjoy it!

  3. If you guys want to come next year, the place is awesome- Savant Lake- Cliff & Roma's Widerness Camp. 6 days/nights, includes boat,motor,gas and minnows for $700. Its a great deal- Oh yeah-its fly in so thats about $175 but it is worth it!