Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mae Catches a Big Catfish

Mae and Noah get pretty excited about catching this fish! Mae caught the fish all by herself, even casted the pole. By the time I got there with my phone video she had it almost landed!

My kids obviously fish alot, and are learning everything about fish and fishing at a rapid and heart warming pace. But even so I still only take them out fishing for about 10-15 minutes max.

That is the biggest mistake people make when trying to teach their kids to fish or hunt. They take them out for 3-4 hrs or more and expect them to stay entertained. It just doesnt work that way and kids just lose interest.

I take my kids for 10-15 minutes fishing, we catch a couple fish and then we go throw rocks, catch frogs, and swim. Same with hunting, already I take them for very short 'deer' hunting trips through the woods or in the living room. They love it and are counting down the years already to be able to go real hunting with Dad!

They live and breath this stuff and I am doing the best I can to keep them always wanting to catch some fish and get outside! Keep them looking forward to the next trip before the last trip is even over!!

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