Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dock Building and Fishing Pictures

I spent Wednesday afternoon with the Steffas and Pastor Bill Brown family. We caught lots of fish.

So that day actually started at 3:30 am when I went and picked up Chef Todd to help me collect and deliver fish for Bass Pro Shops big display tank. We collected big smallmouth bass, walleye, bluegill and redear sunfish. No pictures of those fish, but you can simply go see them when the store opens!!!

Steve Ryan came down and did some fishing on Sunday morning. Here are a couple shots. They use photos like these for print ads and other promotional stuff for various fishing companies.

Diverted a creek into a wetland from farmers fields and put a new road into a farm. More pics of that to follow, just dont have time to sort thru and organize the pics together.

Started raining one evening and pretty much anytime it rains me and kids head straight out to play. Especially when mom isnt home!

Renovating an old pole barn into the sweetest little guest cabin overlooking a 5 acre lake. Today me, Allen, and Lee tore out and gutted everything and busted up some concrete for some plumbing.

Check out the view from the back of the cabin!

Been building a mega mega dock/deck combo. The pictures again are out of order, they go from today all the way back to monday.

Had about 60 people out to the lake on Sunday, lots and lots of fishing, swimming, and eating.

Some happy ladies eh? These gals were from Saturdays group, we had 80 people out to the lake for more fishing, swimming, and eating. Altogether I think we have hosted more than 2700 out at our lake this year in the months of May, June, July, and August. If I am wrong on that number its because I forgot a few groups. Lots of youth camps, church groups, family reunions, campers, and friends at the lake pretty much every weekend!

We actually are eating all of the muskies out of our 33 acre lake. I like muskies when they are less than 28 inches, but once they hit that 29 inch mark or bigger out they come and into the frying pan or onto the wall. This one hit the frying pan.

Took some brothers and their sons fishing on Friday. One bro from Tampa and one bro from Chicago. Pictures are in reverse order, but you get the picture....BTW, we ate great for lunch and they ate great for the weekend!

Back to the dock construction. This mega floating dock is 15x120 feet long and it is attached to a mega deck that is 20x120 feet long.

Back to the road construction:

Oh yeah, the Rocke Brothers Masonry has done a phenomenal job on our stone work for the outdoor kitchen for the hunting lodge:

The last two weeks have been on the go from 4 am to 10 pm, but I usually always get to sneak in a couple hours with Brook and the kids at some point each day. Summer is winding down and Mae's first day of kindergarten is tomorrow!

Friday I will be working on the mega dock in the morning, then installing an aeration system and some underwater green fish attracting lights in Abingdon. Saturday will be working just till noon to cap off a typical summertime 76 hr work week. In a few weeks (or maybe a couple months) I will be scaling back to 40 hrs/week, because by then I will be starting to build my own house for about 30 hrs per week on nights and Saturdays.


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