Sunday, August 21, 2011

1/4 acre pond Trophy Fish

I started working with Rogers 1/4 acre fishing and swimming pond about 4 years ago. He is really pushing the envelope on growing trophy fish of multiple species in one small pond. The secret to growing large fish in small ponds is to maintain optimum water quality, eat lots of fish, and make sure the biggest and best always make it back into the pond and always have plenty to eat themselves.

Cam and Chuck Hart of Bob Grimm Chevrolet in Morton sent me these pics from a Sunday afternoon of fishing at Rogers pond:

I did some of my own fishing and swimming this weekend! It was great. The weather was absolutely amazing! Saturday morning I was up at 4 am working for a couple hours at the office, then headed to breakfast with a client for a meeting in Fulton County at 8 am, then out to the lake for the rest of the weekend.

Luke and his family came out Saturday and we caught a bunch of fish and fried up a feast for lunch. They took tons of pics on their cameras, but just like everyone else they all said they would email them over right away and pretty much I never end up getting the pics. Its ok though cause Luke's dad managed to snap a few and actually followed through on sending them over, I also snapped a few myself:

Disclaimer: Luke just sent these pics over, better late than never.

Sunday we hosted Noah Herman Sons Builders company picnic out at the lake. We didnt do quite as much fishing, but we swam alot and we did alot of eating! Chef Todd came out and catered the meal for the picnic. For those of you who are new to the blog, you will find that Chef and I do alot of outdoor themed catering for various events and that food is pretty much just as important as fishing.

This picture actually looks kind of disgusting, but if you know how many lbs of cheese was in this macaroni dish you would think otherwise. The macaroni is covered in baked potato chips. When you throw the word baked in there it automatically sounds healthier......

BAKED beans:

Grilled Brisket. Hey, grilled doesnt sound so bad either. I will just leave out the barbecue smothered part and stick with the name of grilled brisket.

Chef's homemade cole slaw is just stinkin awesome and he hit a home run with this mixed salad. I don't even like cole slaw in general so I need to come up with a new name for his slaw. Chef's slaw I guess sounds better than cole slaw, if that is even how you spell cole slaw? Anyhow, if you can't tell I am in a pretty chipper mood. Was just a good relaxing weekend.

Sitting here looking at the pics of the food just brings back fond memories of meal time.

I mentioned that we did do some fishing, unfortunately I didnt have my camera with me for much of the day, but did get to snap a couple pics.

How about this to cap off a weekend eh?

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