Thursday, June 14, 2012

Shoe Boy Summer Fish

Last night we were sprucing up the rope swing for the girls camp coming this weekend. I was headed back across the lake and decided to troll a generic deep diving crankbait down the middle. I was by myself and landed a nice 5 lb striper and then landed this monster muskie right in the center of the lake!

We use muskies as a tool, but we remove them once they get over 32 inches long and just put more in the following fall.

We have been building tons of docks. All over the place- Fairbury, Fiatt, Lacon, Peoria, etc etc. Once we build a dock on a lake, we end up building quite a few more on that lake for all the neighbors....All custom designed specifically for each situation.

Early Monday morning we filmed and tested out a bunch of new baits from various lure companies. The Stream Stalker and Mike Pehanich were the guys trying out the baits. I think Jonn found a couple he really liked....

Last weekend one of our clients had a big outdoor wedding. Lots of fun. Our job was to clean up a 50 year old silted in, 6 feet max deep, duckweed, watermeal, and algae infested pond for the event, pictures, etc. We custom designed a really nice dock that I neglected to take pictures of, but the dock was assembled so that after the wedding it could be taken apart and moved to a better lake. 

I did manage to get pictures of the dock being loaded up and shipped out.

We had the nasty pond looking like a million bucks!! You can see tiki torches in the water that we sunk into the muck and lit, very cool that night!

Its gonna be a long hot and dry summer. We have been installing lots of these pumps into creeks and other ponds and pumping water into main ponds for clients. We custom design pumps for each specific situation. Water is always a rock solid investment. I'm telling you, water is valuable and you should tap into it anyway possible.

A very good client of ours has a little backyard pond that we will be fixing up for him. Normally we dont mess with water gardens or stuff like this, but I am always up for a new challenge.

You dream it and we will design and build it. That seems to be our motto for everything- fish, docks, cabins, lakes, properties, and now FROGS. Another good client (they all seem to be good clients these days) wants frogs on his property for his grandsons to capture and eat. We are designing the perfect frog pond wetlands apprx 100'x25'x4' and will be bringing in some kind of awesome genetic frog. I havent found a good source yet, but surely will. Anyone know a good source for some giant frogs? We are probably gonna build 2 of these ponds and plant clover around them to dual as a water hole/snack for some deer as well..........

Jay caught a nice striper on Sunday afternoon.

Spark caught a nice smallmouth

Jared's brother Blake was in town and they went out fishing one evening and caught some real nice fish!

I have been electrofishing ponds and lakes all over the midwest, hence the lack of updates lately. Shoe boy we have been swamped. Today we built this nice dock for a good client near Fiat. This lake is an up and comer, some awesome fish swiming around in that nice water, gonna be looking at some amazing pictures from here in another year or two!

I havent posted pics of our office lately, but it is very fun themed. Also in the photos you will see Andi and Sarah. They keep everything rolling at the office. We have surrounded them with all kinds of living and dead animals......Come on by (and buy some stuff for your pond while your in....) Hey also now that I have a bunch of help doing all the background work, there is coming a time in the hopefully not too distant future that I will actually get caught up!!!

So anyhow we have been working and traveling like crazy, these pics dont even scratch the surface, but we are having a blast. We work hard, but we play hard too! Before June is out, I will be going to large properties in Springfield, MO; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Paris, IL; Arthur, IL; Carbondale, IL; and many more places in between.
Got some big announcements coming up that we are super excited about. But for now I have to clean up some pee from the carpet floor before Brook and the rest of the kids get home. I just glanced over and Drake has his diaper off and I see a little dribbling going on.......Life is GOOD!!

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