Sunday, November 11, 2012

Big Ellisville Buck Video and a Tent Guy

So one of our friends was out hunting with my brother Chad on Friday morning and captured some footage of the King of Ellisville walking around in daylight hours:

Also my cousin Drew got some sweet trail cam footage of a buck rubbing some pine trees and then some does come along and do some rubbing of their own. I think you will like this:

So then we are installing an 1800' long fence for a client in Peoria County this week and Justin and Allen come across a guy living in a tent on the property. Obviously they approached very cautiously and the guy was home...He had been living there all summer long. He was very polite and well spoken and said he would be moving south in just a couple days as the nights were getting colder..

On Friday we squeezed in one last electrofishing survey for the year. Since Noah and Tyden didnt have school they came along and helped out:

I actually have one more electrofishing survey to squeeze in. I am helping the Biology teacher at Eureka High School with a one week pond management segment and we are going to do a field trip next week to a local Eureka pond to shock some fish and talk about some pond stuff hands on....should be alot of fun.... If any other teacher in the Central Illinois area would like to do something similar for their students, I would love to HELP! We are currently developing age appropriate curriculum to help educate as many kids as possible!!

Just look at the pics of Ty and Noah above and the smiles on their faces. They learned more about being good stewards of the land on their day off school than they ever would learn in the classroom.....

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