Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Deer Camp 2012

So I just finished packing and am more excited for deer camp 2012 than any other to date!! We finally own our own deer hunting property here in Illinois!! This is a dream come true to hunt on our own piece of ground!!! Whats even more crazy is the guys who hunted this farm in 2010 actually recognized our deer from our trail cams I posted last week and called me up this week to talk about em!

The biggest buck we are after they named fenceline back in 2010 he was a 3.5 year old stud back then! Here is his pic from last week, he is now a superstud.....

Here is the hunting video from Midwest Whitetails from our farm from 2010 featurine fenceline! Midwest Whitetail Hunting Show. The first 5 minutes of the clip is from our farm, and shows an awesome scene of a buck chasing a doe while swimming down the river and then a fenceline encounter also along the spoon river....Awesome!!

So we have about 30 bucks encountered over the last two weeks on this farm, but Fenceline is the king so far.....Cant wait to get out for the next 3 days....I have literally been working myself into the ground this year and especially burning the candle on both ends the last 2 months.....the end is in sight though, I will finish building my house and move in December 1st!!!!! Building a house on nights and weekends for over a year now and am just 3 stinkin weeks away from the finish line.....still got alot to do, but there is no way I am missing deer camp......

I already missed the bow season and havent been fishing in what seems like ages....I got friends like Steve who let me live vicariously through their fishing photos though.....(next year I will be back in the game with fish pics of my own....)

Then also my buddy Greg Grimes from Georgia (who like me squeezes fish for a living) came up this week and killed a monster deer from one of the farms for sale in Knox County. Here is his video:
Illinois Land Company - Giant buck goes down on 210 acres for sale in Knox County from IllinoisLandCo on Vimeo.

Here is the pic:

So anyhow I am packed up and after work tomorrow am ready to travel the 34 miles straight to Fulton County DEER CAMP 2012! Brook and the kids are coming Friday night and all my brothers and sisters and all of their kids will be out for the whole weekend as well. 7 of us will be hunting and about 30 of us will be staying out at the lake all weekend celebrating our new favorite holiday and family tradition of DEER CAMP WEEKEND! I hope you all have fun this weekend and harvest some deer to boot!

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