Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Timber Lake Club in Peoria

I really am thankful for the rain, especially coming out of such a long drought, but man does it sure mess up a tight schedule for this spring....

Monday I electrofished 4 lakes in Victoria, IL for a local fishing club. You know whats crazy is the fishing clubs that really want good bass fishing are where I find the best panfishing on the planet...and the fishing clubs that want good panfishing have some of the best bass fishing on the planet...Monday was again the same theme, really really good bass fishing opportunities and most of the members could care less...

Here are some pics from shocking:

Then from there I stopped home, picked up Brook and loaded a full truckload of the nicest trophy largemouth bass imaginable and drove them up to a clients lake in Wilmington, IL. His lake is 20 years old and that truckload of trophy fish we stocked for him was bigger than any bass currently in his lake...

My conversation with Charlie this winter went like this "Nate, Im 83 years old and I dont buy green bananas". Anyhow there is no more messin around, Charlie's 15 acre lake is now thee destination to trophy bass fish in Northern Illinois.

Delivering fish with the most beautiful woman on the planet is definitely a nice change of pace from driving all over the midwest with a bunch of stinky guys...Now that our little ones are getting older I think we will be taking a few more mini road trips together...In two weeks I will be working for a Doctor down in Branson, MO so I just might have to take Brook on that little road trip as well..

So anyhow today I went to Timber Lake Club in Peoria. Yep you read right, there is a recreational fishing, camping, shooting, golfing club right here in Peoria (and it has some open memberships!) Here is their website for more information: http://www.timberlakeclub.com 

I electrofished their main lake and am coming up with a fun management plan for it. Also I am working on a beach renovation plan with of course a focus on the best water quality possible! I actually should be working on their plan instead of writing this blog post, but I'm kinda burned out at the moment. Its only Tuesday and we've already accomplished almost a full weeks worth of work. Its a good thing too, cause it looks like more rain isacomin'.  

I grabbed a quick pic of  the timber lake beach project and one of their bass we shocked up:

Despite the crazy, cold, unstable, windy weather as of late, clients have been out fishing and smokin' big bass and emailing me mouth watering pics almost daily. Here are by far the two most impressive as of late:


  1. I LOVE Timberlake....thanks for your help!!!

  2. Finally these people come up with good result. A happy ending.
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  3. Looks like a great day fishing!! Thanks for sharing. Its great to know what everyone else out there is catching.