Sunday, June 30, 2013

Big Bass, Bigger Bluegill, and Beautiful Sunsets

Clients have been sending in lots of pics of BIG fish this summer from their lakes and ponds. Ryan Luginbuhl caught the biggest largemouth of his life recently from his family's pond:

Chad Fargher and his son tag teamed this big female:

Greg Fell caught the biggest bass of his life this month as well:

Greg's dad also caught a pig on the same day, how cool is that?

Chris Brackett caught the biggest bluegill of his life at my lake on Friday, check out this amazingly big bluegill:

Chef has been on fire pretty much everywhere he has been fishing lately. Either he is becoming a better fisherman or he is fishing waters where the fishing is getting better and better (or both):

Andy Fliege over in Iowa, your pics and testimonial are at my office computer, but they would have been perfect for right here.... his kids have an awesome crappie picture from his pond we have helped renovate....

This week I traveled to Floyds Knobs and Evansville, Indiana and Mt. Vernon and Effingham, IL helping some really cool people grow bigger fish at their properties. In about a year or two you will hopefully seeing those big fish pictures just like the ones above...

The stuff we are doing right now with lake and pond management is nothing short of amazing. We have so many fish experiments going on across the midwest right now I have trouble picking out which ones to daydream about. Mark my words, SMALL WATERS are going to be breaking many state records in the months and years to come. I have lots of fish like this smallmouth and this largemouth being grown in small waters utilizing undocumented, cutting edge fish management techniques.

This Largemouth we are growing along with several others just like her in a small body of water utilizing some crazy techniques we are helping a crazy dentist develop.... You will hear more about this experiment for sure in the weeks and months to come!

SIZE OF LAKE OR POND DOES NOT MATTER. If you have a 1/4 acre swimming hole or a 200 acre lake, We will show you ways how to grow the biggest fish you have ever caught in your life! Those pics above are just an inkling of what we got going on across the midwest! What we are figuring out specifically about each body of water is stuff not yet written in the fish mgmt literature.

Anyhow, moving on from fish. I got my 70 hrs in this week by Thursday at 9 pm so on Friday I took the day to play with the kids and a bunch of friends from all over came to the lake for fishing and swimming and eating...

We were fishing for Hybrid Striped Bass for our big fish fry, but we kept on catching these pesky bluegill on our chicken liver:

Tod Todd (an ice fishing addict) and Debbie Compton who fished professionally on Team USA also came down for the day for some bluegill fishing and she had a smile like this most of the day:

We caught enough fish to feed about 80 people that evening! I had alot of help from everyone catching, cleaning, cutting, prepping, and frying the fish. Man that is a lot of fun:

So changing gears again, Jared, Justin, and Chad have our food plots looking AMAZING!! Check out these pics from Saturday morning strolling through our hunting property planning on what projects to there next. Pretty much all of our plots we utilize a mixture of sorghums strategically to close them in.

You can see the sorghum screen again blockin in this 2 acre bean plot. The neighbors can't see in, the deer can't see out, and we create good access for getting in and out as undetected as possible:

This is a shade mix we are experimenting with on a shooting lane through the timber behind one of our box blinds.

Here is the above mentioned box blind overlooking a 3 acre plot that is just poking out through the dirt:

Just like fish, we are experimenting like crazy on not just our farm, but clients farms as well. Every plot has experiments with new food plot fertilizers, seeds, sprays, and such. The guys are pushing the envelope and getting results!!

So anyhow the sunsets this year have been nothing short of amazing: Perhaps the best medicine ever invented is to reflect for a minute as the sun drops down below the horizon!


  1. Nate
    It is amazing the size of those bass and bluegill. Are all the fish release back into the ponds and lake after the photo? How many pounds of fish would someone need to take out of a 20 acre lake each year for it to be productive? Thanks for sharing a great post--I always like to see the results of your work.

  2. Bill, some lakes don't produce any bounty for harvest and some lakes need hundreds of lbs of fish removed annually. Being able to identify and then harvest the bounty is indeed key to growing above average sized fish