Sunday, June 9, 2013

Perfect Boat Dock, Redneck Blinds, Horses....

For the most part I stayed pretty local this week! We finished up what is perhaps the perfect floating covered boat dock. Very practical, with tons of usable space:

The front of the dock we still need to fill in the dirt on the retaining wall, but other than that she is ready to rock n roll for the year! I would love to have one of these for myself, the crappies are already starting to stack up underneath her....

Oh yeah last weekend fishing guru Steve Ryan and his buddy Jim came down fishing. They caught quite a few different species of fish:

I take the kids to Wildlife Prairie Park just about once per week! They absolutely love it. The place is so huge we just head out in a new direction each time.

Dad and Tyden did a little fishing this week in between chores:

So then our big shipment of hybrid striped bass came in Tuesday night about 6 pm from Arkansas. I delivered stripers till about midnight and the guys spent the next 30 hrs pretty much driving around central Illinois delivering fish to lakes and ponds all over the place...

Baby deer are being born. Lots of sightings when out and about. This little guy was very curious as Jared was planting food plots up near Victoria, IL

Now that fish stocking season and food plotting is winding down its time to start getting deer towers assembled and installed. Oh yeah and time to get back to that monster waterslide project!! We spent Friday changing out some old Stump deer blinds with new Redneck Blinds.

These new redneck blinds are designed for both gun and archery hunting and they are by far our favorite deer tower out of any blind on the market today! We have a demo model set up along Taylor Road just 1/2 mile down from Wildlife Prairie Park. If your in the neighborhood just stop by and climb up it see for yourself how awesome these deer hunting towers are. The best all around visibility and shooting windows by far! We have been selling tons of them, these are all going out, but we will be getting more in again next month, so just holler and we will get yours comin'.

Saturday morning I headed to Fiatt to check a trapnet and also to tag some fish. The trapnet was full of 8-12" bluegill.... yes I said 12" bluegill, not one but several. This is just a 4 year old lake too, here was the biggest:
My helper for the morning was up bright and early! This girl popped out of bed before the sun we she was told Nate was coming check the traps and do some fish stuff. She was a little disappointed when we went out in the boat without fishing poles, but we made up for it with a little dock fishing. She learned how to catch tiny bluegill and then toss them to the big bass lurking below....

So Friday night and then again Saturday afternoon Junior High Girls Church Camp came to our property for Bonfire, Horseback Riding, and Water Activities. Very busy time, but the girls all had a blast! Of course so did all of our kids too.

Both my boys Noah and Drake just love riding horses. (I have found them to be very passionate with just about anything and everything to do with the animals....hmm fancy that)... But anyhow Noah has decided he is going to be a horse vaulter. He is begging to do vaulting instead of playing soccer.... He couldnt go to sleep last night until he had his lifes plan of horseback vaulting all figured out....

You want to talk about making a junior high girls dream come true, put her on a horse and let the horse walk in the water:

There most definitely is alot going on in this picture! What's amazing is the person taking this pic is about 1/2 mile need a new camera!

A very special thanks to team HorseMeister for literally making those girls dreams come true riding horses (in the water). My aunts and uncles own HorseMeister, they specialize in Friesian horses, but they also have lots of other horses and do stuff like vaulting and such.

Next week is high school girls and the following weekend is High School Boys camps. Summer is here..... Sunday morning is always a nice peaceful morning I look forward to, but dont get me wrong, I love and thrive on the chaos of summertime!


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  2. You weren't kidding when you said you guys caught a variety of species. Well Done!

  3. Wow... Very Beautiful Fish....:)