Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Shocking Big Fish and Heavy Winds

The impact of Sunday's storms and tornadoes will be felt here in Central Illinois for a long long time... Man o man how fast lives can change. About 1000 homes are destroyed, many of them just leveled to the ground:

I still can't quite grasp the whole situation... But know without a shadow of a doubt that even during a storm of mass destruction, God is sovereign and was there in Washington working miracles. Good can and still will come from this!

So this week has been definitely not a normal week. The last few weeks however have been filled with lots of shocking fish, renovating a cool dock, hunting pheasants and deer every spare moment possible, and just buttoning up the hatches for the upcoming winter season...

This dock before:

Dock during:

Dock after:

I am really hoping for a nice cold winter and excited for the prospects of good hard ice! Can't wait to start drilling some holes and catching buckets of fish:

Over the weekend we took the boys out fishing in the floating mancave and we had a blast!

So anyhow shotgun deer hunting is this weekend! Brook is coming out deer hunting with me!! For the first time in 9 years we dont have a baby so she has no excuses any longer and will be hunting alot more in the weeks and years to come... I hope the biggest buck in Illinois still alive comes walking by to eat our beans on Friday!!


  1. All those images are unbelievable--Nathan you have the perfect job doing something that you love and are devoted to. My heart goes out to all those who lost everything they had, it is bad for something like this to happen anytime, but being so close to Christmas makes it even worse--I always enjoy all your post--thanks for sharing

  2. Tornados are coming later & it's a real problem, obviously.
    Those bass are huge & I see the cold weather clothing, so they weren't caught in Florida. The crappie amazed me most, looks close to 3 1/2 pounds.