Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving, Stump Carving, and Deer Reports

Well, Thanksgiving is perhaps my favorite week of the year!! I love everything about the season and especially love pumpkin pie and leftovers... I thought the picture was funny and speaking of Facebook, I am on there at Nate Herman so look me up. The Chef is also there look him up at Todd Kent...

We were out cracking ice today to stock a few thousand walleye, crappie, and tiger muskies and at one clients place north of Laura, IL there was a stump carver going to town turning a tree stump into some racoons!!

It was super cool to watch! He had some other awesome hand carved stuff for decoration as well:

So anyhow we had an awesome deer camp over the weekend for first gun season... what made deer camp awesome was just hanging out for 3 days not doing any work, but just hunting and hanging with the fam... all our wives and kids came out and many of them even came out hunting once or twice... we didnt see much hunting, but still overall one of the better weekends of the year! Brook even came out and sat with me on Friday evening!!

Normally on opening day we hear better than 100 shots and collectively see around 100 deer... This year however we probably only heard 20 shots and collectively saw about 40 deer...

Word on the street from many of my clients was this was by far the worst deer hunting season they can remember in the last 15-20 years... very interesting with all thats happening with the deer population and management...

Tradition of deer camp weekend, rolled into Thanksgiving week, followed by second season shotgun is perhaps the greatest time of the year!! We have alot to be thankful for, and never want to take for granted the opportunity and freedom we have to enjoy God's creation in the United States of America!


  1. Nathan
    Unbelievable designs and work with the chain saw. One has to have years of experience with the chain saw to do work like this. thanks for and sharing and you all have a great Thanksgiving

  2. Amazing work with the chain saw. We have a lot of dead pines out near Bastrop -- big forest fire two years ago -- and this would be a very creative way to put a nice face on 'em.