Sunday, December 15, 2013

Ice Fishing is HERE!!

Saturday I had plans of fishing till 1 pm and muzzleloader hunting till dark... pushing snow saturday morning till 11 am kinda messed up those plans, but I still got an hour of ice fishing in before heading out to the bean field... We didnt mess around drilling holes, just headed right to the good spot to see how the fish were doing.

It was hard to leave, but 12:45 we packed it in and headed out for one last gun hunt. I was hunting standing beans that havent been touched by any deer yet... last year there woulda been 20 deer in that field, this year zero...

Hey before I forget, this coming Saturday we plan on ice fishing up in Princeville. We have 6" of ice up there and we have two 20+ acre lakes side by side that we want to remove about 1000 bluegill from. Just email me at for more info, pricing and details and we will plan on hanging out and catching a ton of fish. We will fish from 8 am to 1 pm. We do this every year on these lakes and we always have a blast meeting new people and catching buckets of fish. We have gear available if needed as well. Here are some pics from last years trip to these lakes:

Oh yeah, I had some buddies out "ice" fishing from the mancave a couple weeks ago and they did real well on big rainbow trout:

So anyhow as you all know, the deer numbers are down tremendously. I would be curious as to how many dead deer the DNR is estimating from EHD and other diseases this year because I fear the number is well into the tens of thousands across the state. Many clients have reported to me finding 20, 30, 50, and even 88 dead deer found... those numbers are staggering when you start adding them up. I know many clients in Iowa have reported the same thing. I have only had 2 clients out of 100's report normal or better deer numbers than usual...

Last week I was working a construction job late on a Thursday evening when one of my clients called up from Cabo San Lucas and he said get down here on Saturday and lets hang out... So 30 hrs later Brook and I were headed to Cabo and we had an absolute blast down there! The timing was perfect and we celebrated Brooks birthday at a real nice restaurant on the beach!!

I cant thank the folks at Dust Boss and Martin Engineering enough for the most amazing trip of a lifetime for Brook and I! It was an adjustment for sure for me to do a "relaxing" fishless vacation, but we did learn to surf and help with an orphanage fundraiser while there, and just enjoyed 4 days of being treated like royalty. Here we are swimming with the kids at the Casa de Hogar orphanage:

So now we have been blessed with some real cold weather and hopefully we can keep our ice and get a really long ice fishing season all the way to March!! This Saturday the 21st we are planning on fishing for meat in Princeville. The following Saturday the 28th we plan on fishing for trophy bluegill 20-30 ouncers, plus many other trophy bonus species. Then the following Saturday January 4th we are planning on ice fishing a new property with 300 acres of water out in Canton for the first time. If your interested in fishing with us any of those Saturdays just email me at


  1. Always enjoy your posts & photo's on facebook.bluegills are beautiful.

  2. Nate
    As usual another fantastic outing with loads of fish caught--what did those bluegills weight? Are the trout in that area of water year round? Landing a bluegill like those on a 4 wt. fly rod would be awesome--thanks for sharing

    1. Bill, we have alot of bluegill in the 20-24 oz range, but I am speculating that the next couple years we will be producing consistently 24-32 oz gills....

    2. oh yeah, you will have to make a trip up with your flyrod sometime...