Sunday, February 9, 2014

Driving Trucks on The Ice

All the snow right now sitting on the ice has made pulling sleds very difficult. Good thing we can now drive pickup trucks right to our favorite fishing spots!

I wouldnt recommend it though, do so at your own risk.... Its one of those things to do as I say, not as I do....

Also worth mentioning is all the snow on the ice right now is also blocking the sunlight into the water. You may ask whats the big deal? Well the big deal is that without sunlight, the fish are gonna suffocate. Everyday there will be less and less available oxygen and I fear many area lakes and ponds are going to have bad fish kills this winter. Older ponds that grow excessive amounts of vegetation are most susceptible. As oxygen levels start to dip, fish will start to get sluggish and ice fishing will start to get tougher on smaller bodies of water.

So anyhow on Saturday afternoon I had the privilege of fishing with the Andertons and the Galloways. We drove right on out to our fishing spots and caught 3 big catfish right off the bat!

Then we couldnt get anymore bites on catfish so we drove over to some bluegill fishing trees. It was a tough bite there too, but we caught some exceptionally big bluegills that more than made up for the lack of quantity.

Grandpa Galloway got cold, so we drilled him a hole to fish out of the front seat of the pickup truck. He had a blast smokin big gills with the heater on! He got on a roll for the last hour of the day!!

In the bottom of the ninth inning, Pete caught the by far the biggest bluegill of his life, its headed to Hammerich's so he can add some more decor to his livingroom:

We picked up a couple more catfish before sunset and overall really enjoyed being outside with reasonable temps and no wind. The only thing lacking was a big bonfire and some hot food...

So speaking of reasonable temps, big bonfire, and hot food that is exactly what we have this Saturday at Presley's fishing derby at the giant goose ranch in Canton, IL. Don't miss this chance to get your family outside to beat the winter blues! Oh yeah this is also your chance to not only meet Chef Todd, but to eat some of his food too!

The cost is only $30 per team for those wanting to enter the derby, but is free if you wanna just come on out and hang out for the day with Chef and the gang and explore the frozen ranch. I'm sure we will be fishing real close to the cooking..... Sign up at Presley's or email for more info.

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