Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ice Fishing Derby Feb 15th

Saturday, Feb 15th we are hosting a fun ice fishing derby out at the Giant Goose Ranch in Canton, IL. This will be a fun family event! We have several power augers to drill lots and lots of ice fishing holes!

We will have a big bonfire and of course Chef Todd Kent will be cooking his world famous clam and fish chowder out on the ice! Oh yeah, all kids 15 and under fish for free so bring em out!

Signup is at Presleys Outdoors or email me at for directions and questions.  Here are some more details:

On Monday and Tuesday of this week we filmed ice fishing shows with Doug Stange and InFisherman TV. Also of note is the shows we filmed with them last winter are currently airing on the Sportsmans Channel right now. Check em out, they will be running for a couple more weeks yet! The second one is alot better than the first one...

Anyhow here are some pics from filming this week:

Doug Stange believes that the pond connection is really going to become an important piece to the anglers repertoire. Rivers, Reservoirs, Lakes, and Ponds... yep Ponds!! As we continue to improve the management of private waters, some of the nations best fish will be coming from Ponds!!!

So anyhow we have tons of ice this year so plan on coming out to the goose ranch on Saturday the 15th and even if the fish arent biting well we will still have fun trying to shake off the winter blues that are starting to set in. If the fish are biting well that will just be some icing on the cake!

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  1. Nate
    One awesome bunch of gills----you need to try to land some of those come spring on the fly rod. Congrats on a great outing. thanks for sharing