Sunday, May 4, 2014

Doug Stange and Chef Todd Fishing Show

Doug Stange and his film crew from InFisherman TV came to Central Illinois for some fishing Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week to fish with Chef Todd.

While eating dinner in Canton, Pete the camera man, had some funny stories to tell about the adventure! The funniest would be his recollection and account of Doug explaing to Todd that he probably shouldnt mention Fulton County Fat Girls anymore everytime a pregnant bass gets caught... Pets's a funny guy, you can see by his apparel it wasnt a pleasant spring fishing trip...

The next funny story on the list would be the audible level difference between Doug and Todd.. Anyhow, forgive me Chef for mentioning this stuff right off the gate, but for those who know you this is funny stuff. For those who don't know you, the bottom line is this: Chef is very passionate about fishing and this episode of InFisherman TV could be thee episode that gets talked about as FUN, yet also informative, and also has the signature BIG fish InFisherman TV is famous for! Or the editors could do ALOT of editing.

So anyhow Mondays weather (the day before the fishing trip) was 70's and the rest of the week was 50's with off and on cold rain and wind. Basically what I am saying is the weather was less than ideal for filming a fishing show, but them boys hardcored it and got er done. It took 2 full days to film one segment, but they got er done and Chef finished up the show with a good catch in the bottom of the ninth...

Here is a sneak peak of the big fish Doug caught. This is the biggest bass that he has filmed in the state of Illinois. She was caught on the Big Lake at the Giant Goose Ranch!! I'm telling you guys the big lake

The whole gang stayed in the cabin at the ranch. They ate meals from area Canton Restaraunts and obviously anyone who watches the show is going to know that FULTON COUNTY is a bass fishing destination!

Then on Thursday Doug and Dr Ed filmed a show up in Princeville at a clients lake before heading back to Minnesota. These shows will air in quarter two of 2015.

 While Todd was filming his show, Dr. Ed was putting a hurting on crappies at the goose ranch and some surrounding strip mine lakes:

While them boys were fishing, we were out stocking lots of FULTON COUNTY lakes and ponds... Kevin left work a little early to help with the stocking of his new 3 acre smallmouth pond!

Friday we spent working in the Chicago area, and then got to spend a few hours at the Max Mcgraw Wildlife Foundation. The fisheries biologists there know how to grow some big walleye, pike, and tiger muskie, but they havent made much of an effort towards growing big bluegill (until now)....

Saturdays we spend working at the goose ranch... these boys love working with dad probably more than anything... I just give them wood to carry and nails to pound and screws to pick up and they eat that stuff up... the more real it feels the more they like it:

Finally with some good weather forecasted this upcoming week, its crappie time! This is THE week to go crappie fishing so my advice would be to make it happen and then when you get your limit of crappies, get out and fill a sack of mushrooms too.... I dont know what this mushroom season is going to bring, but do know that folks are finally out finding some! Today after church hopefully we can find some for dinner like these that Kyle found:
Kyle A. Essex's photo.


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