Monday, April 28, 2014

Bass Fishing Tournament May 17th!

Saturday, May 17th we are planning a Lake Management Bass Fishing Tournament at the Giant Goose Ranch in Canton, IL. We have a surplus of bass in 3 lakes that we need to get out ASAP. Also we have some big bass we are relocating so we have come up with a pretty unique format for the tournament. The tourney will be from 7 am to 1 pm, and you can sign up at Presleys Outdoors or by emailing me .

Here are a couple big bass pics from the lakes we will be fishing during the tournament:

We will be fishing ski lake, spool lake, and highrise lake. We are looking for 30 two man teams to participate in the tournament and help us manage these lakes. Our goal is to create the best bass fishing lakes in the state of Illinois... The cost for the tournament is $50 per person (non-members) and $25 per person (members) and lunch will be provided by Chef Todd at the weigh-in.

Two man teams, and basically its two fishing tournaments at the same time. The team with the most weight for top 5 bass will win two annual fishing memberships.  Bass over 15" we will put in livewells and keep alive to relocate to some of the other lakes on the property.

The team with the most bass will also win two annual fishing memberships to the Goose Ranch. Bass under 15" you will put into coolers (not the livewell) and can take home to eat or we at the Giant Goose Ranch will fillet and eat them for a big fish fry. Just a note, we will be keeping every bass caught, so bring a cooler and our goal is that hopefully we will catch over 1000 bass during this tournament!!

Also we will have cash or gift certificate prizes for Big Bass, Second and Third Places of each of the categories. Plus dont forget Lunch will be at the weigh-in. All three lakes have good boats ramps for any size boat and there are no motor restrictions. You can move from lake to lake if you like throughout the day.

 Here is a pic of Ski Lake. Its 1.25 miles long.

Here is a pic of Spool Lake. Its 1.4 miles long

Here is a pic of HighRise Lake. Its not nearly as long or big, but it is a respectable 12 acres:

This week Doug Stange and the film crew of InFisherman TV are staying at the Goose Ranch and filming a couple bass fishing and maybe even a crappie fishing episode! These shows will air next year on the Sportsmans Channel. Right now we have 3 or 4 segments airing on Sportsmans Channel that we filmed last year...

We have been catching some really big bass out at the goose ranch already this spring, here are some pics and stay tuned to Goose Ranch Facebook page for live updates this week of the fishing and filming... Oh yeah, dont forget to sign up for the tourney, it will be a great chance to check out the lakes at the ranch, and also to help us really manipulate and manage the fish populations! And also you wont leave hungry...


  1. Those are some killer bass man! I cannot believe how big they are, makes me jealous. Wish I could fish that tournament for sure.

  2. That's great news! I am looking forward to this exciting tournament and signing up right away. See ya all fishing greats on 17th May. Happy fishing!