Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Weather and Bass Fishing Heating Up

Weather has been downright cold for most of March and April, but it is just now starting to heat up! Despite the unusually cold spring, the diehards have been out catching very large bass!!

Chad Fargher (the local fishing guru) has been out twice to HighRise Lake at the Giant Goose Ranch and both times out he caught monster bass! Here is a pic of the first from April 9th:

Here is a pic of his second Hawg from April 15th. This fish was big and thick!

Chef Todd was fishing with Chad and helped him land the beast:

Chef also got on the board with a respectable bass of his own:

It seems like everything is just about a month behind this spring. Mushrooms were about done this time last year, and they havent even begun yet this year! I think its gonna happen soon though if the 10 day forecast holds true!

Last weekend we had our Open House out at the Goose Ranch and about 300 people came out and toured the property and went over the plans for our vision for the place! I was thrilled with the turnout and the feedback!! Thanks to all who came out!

So anyhow if you've been reading the last few blog posts lately, you've obviously read alot about the Goose Ranch.... well, I dont really know what to say or write otherwise, because a good portion of our time and thoughts and experiments and sweat and daydreams are now spent out at the Ranch. Everything that we have experienced and learned up to this point is being put to use in creating and managing the ultimate family fishing, hunting, camping, and outdoor recreation area.

So far we have had over 250 families sign up to join us in creating perhaps the greatest family outdoor adventure ever! We knew the demand for family opportunities for spending time together outside was great, but we never anticipated this much support and for things to move quite this fast. I encourage you if you haven't already to read our mission statement and explore our website, go on the aerial tour and come on out for a real tour.

Our maximum capacity is 500 families and I am kinda thinking that at this pace we just may get there in this just our first year!! The natural resources at the ranch are second to none, our management plans for the lakes are cutting edge, the amenities and infrastructure is under construction and the best part of the whole deal is that me and my brothers and our staff do all the hard work. You and your family just come on out and enjoy a world class property. The ranch is 828 acres with 52 lakes and ponds!

I guess while I am rolling along about the goose ranch, another thing really cool is that our neighbors to the west are WeeMaTuk Golf Course. We will be adding all kinds of amenities to the goose ranch like a big swimming pool, beach, stable, big garden, shooting range, pavilions, hiking trails, etc for the people that dont like to fish all the time, but having a golf course next door is a pretty sweet amenity to have as well.

Not to mention the location in relation to Canton's amenities cant be beat either! Just 4 miles to all the conveniences, restaurants and businesses in town!! And only 1.5 miles from the Canton airport!

Also one last cool thing to note is that we are creating a cabins only section where folks can have their own little private lake front log cabin instead of having to have a camper to enjoy the property. This has definitely been the highlight of the spring putting together this opportunity. We have sold 34 log cabin sites already before we even had the first log cabin model completed! Most of the log cabin sites are lakefront, but the premier ones on ski lake and spool lake are going the fastest.

So anyhow now we have the first model cabin completed and it is definitely the ultimate way to "camp"! Our base model is 14x24 cabin with a 10x14 loft and the pricing for these camping cabins starts at $22,900. The biggest cabin we will do is a 14x36 with 2 bedrooms and 2 lofts. The cabins are custom designed and then built on skids, but privately owned by you. The cabin lots are leased by the year and the lease fee includes water, septic, garbage, and membership to the whole property, but you have your own electric meter. Basically its just like a traditional seasonal campsite only with a camping cabin instead of an RV or Camper.

Here are some pictures of the model cabin while under construction and also during the open house last weekend. These cabins are portable and beyond awesome for not just the goose ranch, but any property:

These pics were during construction so forgive the mess, but gives you a good view:

Girls workin hard at the open house, with a view of the loft. Two beds are up in the loft:

Little peak of the bedroom and bathroom:

Kinda blurry pic of the kitchen:

Another blurry pic, but will also have to do:

Great room with wood burning stove:

Deck with bench seating out the back:

You can see our open house last weekend was busy!!

Definitely the "camping" cabin is the ultimate way to get your family out camping! We packed alot of stuff into that little cabin.... Also here is a pic of the newly renovated office, campstore, baitshop, bathrooms, and laundry room:

The Goose Ranch is not only where you will find us working in the future, but we will also be spending our summers "camping" and spending time with and teaching our kids about the outdoors here as well. This is only the beginning of basically a new chapter! If you havent already, come on out to check this place out. We also have a Goose Ranch Facebook Page where we put all the updates of stuff happenin and fish pictures, etc.

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