Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March is Usually Big Bass Time

Well, traditionally March is Big Bass Month. This year March was mainly still ice fishing month, but in the bottom of the ninth inning Chef Todd and Tim McCoy got out before April 1 and caught a handful of big bass out of the big lake at the Goose Ranch.

After they tangled with and observed lots of the newly stocked brook and rainbow trout swimming around the big lake slurping up bugs on the surface; Chef said that for the first time in his life he is now contemplating getting a flyrod! These brook trout are pretty now, but they will be super pretty with their fall spawning colors!!!

The trout serve a dual purpose in this 80' deep crystal clear 121 acre lake. First purpose is to create an awesome bonus cool water fishery for flyfisherman and folks looking to catch something different here in Central Illinois. The second purpose of these fish is to help grow state record largemouth bass. Yep, I went and said it. We are gunning for not only the state record, but for the Midwests only viable population of double digit bass. We will be stocking 5000 8-10" trout every spring and fall into this lake.... It doesnt take an 8 lb bass very many trout snackers to turn into a monster!!

Anyhow even though March was a bust for bass fishing, it looks like April and even May are going to be on FIRE... I really won't get a chance to get out fishing at all in April, so hopefully yall will send some pics of some big prespawn girls to help get me through this month! I actually have a shot at fishing in April on April 21 up on Lake Erie. I will be working for Mark1sportfishing  electrofishing and setting up a fish plan for their private lake right on the banks of Erie and if time allows we are gonna try to head out and catch a few walleye for dinner!

There arent many cracks in the schedule until then to get out fishing for me, but if you do go out fishing, fish just a bit slower than usual. The water temps are still cold and the fish will eat, but they wont chase too far to get your bait. Get it in front of them and keep it there as long as possible.

If for some reason you arent fishing on Saturday, April 12th come on out to the goose ranch for our open house. My brothers and I would love to show you around the ranch and talk about the plans for the place. The ranch is exactly 1.5 miles west of the Canton Prison, just turn left onto goose ranch road and drive on in!

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