Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday Fishing Pictures

The perfect weather today was icing on the cake! I love great weather and I love icing and I get sidetracked pretty easily...... anyhow we started the day at early service at Church, took the kids on trail rides and a picnic lunch at the goose ranch, then went fishing from the docks at my parents lake, then sat in the hot tub and got hot so we all jumped in the lake, and the perfect ending is when the kids are sleeping on the way home. Somehow in the mix of all that I didnt get any icing or cake, but we did capture alot of memories with some photos!!

I am very thankful for the opportunity to spend time with my kids outside. There is something just much more special about spending time together outdoors as opposed to indoors. It just feels great, and the bonds formed feel stronger. This boy was super excited to catch this turtle crossing the road (until he got peed on..)

Anyhow, a day like today was just the perfect way to celebrate Christ's death on the cross and resurection!  "Where O death is your victory?" ....Christ is risen from the grave...our sins are forgiven and whosover believeth in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life!

Knowing that we were created for so much more than just this blip in time on this earth gives a whole new meaning to life. I am pretty easily distracted, but I know that all things are possible for him who believes in Jesus!!

This week Jared and I will be traveling up to Port Clinton, Ohio Monday morning bright and early. We will be working for Mark1 SportFishing and Bays Edge Townhomes on the lake at their resort. If we get all our work done and still have some daylight left we will hopefully head out onto Lake Erie to try and catch a big walleye!

Last week we did alot of prescribed burning! I love those days!!

Also over the weekend some of the lakes at the goose ranch gave up some awesome fish, and other lakes didnt hardly give up any fish. Water temps vary drastically from lake to lake and the weather and wind affect them all differently on a daily basis.... Its gonna take me some time to learn all the little nuances of all those fisheries to know whats happening when where and why at pretty much all times.... 

Dave and his wife hit the jackpot on ski lake:

Mr. and Mrs. Farmer didnt too bad either on ski lake in the ninth inning.... that was after they pretty much struck out on HighRise Lake.

Also I got reports of a 24" bass caught out of ski lake this weekend as well, still waiting for the photo to surface!

This guy showed me that the newly stocked rainbows in Big Lake are growing rapidly!!

I have a surplus of largemouth bass in ski lake, spool lake, and highrise lake. Anyhow I have been thinking of putting together a lake management bass fishing tournament in May that would be open to the public to try and remove as many largemouth from those lakes as humanly possible... The winner with the most bass would get a pretty substantial prize.

You see, I am removing largemouth bass via angling altogether from ski lake and high rise lake to make room for other predators like brown trout, hybrid striped bass, smallmouth bass and yellow perch. The big bass we are putting into Big Lake and the smaller bass we are eating...

Anyhow I hope to have more details and a date set for this tournament next week sometime. Of course we will have good food too!

Looks like mushrooms should finally start popping! Good luck everyone and have a great week!

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