Sunday, July 12, 2009

Filming, Fishing, Weed Cutting, Electro Shocking, and Stocking

This week we compacted about 10 days worth of work into just 6 days. We delivered 100's of Hybrid Striped Bass to clients starting at about 4:30 am a couple days this week, and still ended up working until well after 6 pm every night. We cut down tons of cattails for a client with a 1/3 acre pond on a natural preservation site. They cannot use chemicals on the property, so we will need to set that pond up to prevent and deter aquatic vegetation from taking over! We also treated a handful of lakes, did some on-site consultations, took some people fishing, filmed a couple shows, and finished up Saturday evening with a Full Lake Audit and Electrofishing Survey for Indian Point Campground and Fishing Club- More on that Later! 

I did happen to have a few hours of free time from 8 pm to 11 pm a few nights this week and spent those hours working on and getting my house for sale. I got er listed and now will spend every spare minute I have just finishing up odds and ends projects I should have finished 3 years ago before I moved in! I am actually getting kind of used to sleeping for 6 hours and working for 18 hours per day, but I am also looking forward to September and a much less demanding schedule for the fall and winter! 

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