Thursday, July 23, 2009

No cool pics, just a recap!

I am on diaper duty right now. Brook is out at the lake with 15 junior high girls for an overnight retreat, and I just got the kids down for a nap and dont really feel like working much, shoot I might even take a nap myself!

Anyhow, been electrofishing a couple nights a week, stocking quite a few Hybrid Striped Bass, killing lots of duckweed, and even did a little fishing with some clients on their new fishing dock last night.

You wont believe this story: Anyhow we get all our business taken care of and its 7 pm and cool and calm and we decide to grab some gear and head down to the dock for a few minutes. Scott busts a blue fox spinner out and reels in a nice crappie and Terry casts out a night crawler and catches a pesky "little" perch. Inside I am glowing and admiring these trophy 10-12 inch fat yellow perch that the guys keeping reeling in on almost every cast until I find out that they didnt realize exactly what they were catching. Come to find out the pesky perch are so easy to catch they classified them as pesky bluegill and had been cutting them up for catfish bait on their jugs they set out!!!

Anyhow we got that squared away and let them know that those are indeed trophy fish and would be the envy of thousands of anglers across the midwest!

That brings me back to today. I had a couple appointments and an application to do today, but I also agreed to watch the kids and ended up pulling everything off and they are sound asleep and everything got done, but I dont think I could handle another day like today for quite some time. I got to get some rest before nap time is over so I had better get rolling!!!


  1. Hey Nate, I can smell those perch frying as i type. I here you on the kid thing it isn't easy. I finally got my porcupines put together and they have been setting in the yard. Visitors really wonder what those things are. Ive made up all kinds of stories. Got the caps for my doc. Thanks Doug S.

  2. Take some pics of the porcupines and shoot em over my way!