Sunday, July 12, 2009

Indian Point Campground and Fishing Club!

Spent Saturday afternoon at Indian Point Campground and Fishing Club near Abingdon, IL. The property is an old rock quarry that is 22 acres of water surrounded by big enchanting timber! The lake is over 70 feet deep in places and is littered with islands, rock cliffs, and boulders. Currently there are just a handful of yearly memberships available, but once word gets out about the fish we shocked up on Saturday, and the management plan that is being formulated this place will have a waiting list. 

Unbelievable and Unlimited Potential! Currently I would rate the fishing prospects at this lake as way better than average for many species of fish, but I truly believe that in a matter of 2 or 3 years there will not be many lakes in the state of Illinois that will be able to match the quality of fish combined with the enchanting Canadian Lake fishing scenery.

While we didnt get any of the "Big Boys" landed in the net during our survey, I saw numerous largemouth barely stunned in the 4-7 lb range hanging just out of our reach! This lake is one of the few lakes in our area that truly has a 10 lb largemouth potentially swimming in it! I havent officially entered all the fish data into the computer yet, but I know we netted dozens and dozens of 15-17 inch largemouth along with great number of crappie and flathead catfish. 

The gizzard shad population is fairly large, and that has severely impacted the bluegill fishery, but we have a plan to turn those protein pisces into Hybrid Striped Bass Biomass!!! By turning loose more predators against the gizzard shad, we are going to create bonus fisheries as well as get the bluegill sizes back up to match the trophy caliber of all the other fish species.

Walleye and Rainbow Trout have been stocked in the past and are still roaming around the lake. We are however formulating a complete stocking and management plan that will boost the numbers of these species as well as create annual stocking ladders to allow for different year classes that will grow to their fullest potential without competing for the same size prey!

Here are a couple pics from our survey:

 It was very hot out so we could not waste any time taking pictures, but I did get some good video footage of the process that I will post soon as well.

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  1. just curious..? I used to fish indian point as a kid with my father and we stopped going. I was too young to know any better. so Im just curious to know is indian point still available for camping and fishing. if so what are the rates for camping. if you could please email me when you get this that would be great trying to plan a camping vacation and if camping is available still this may be one of my options. the best way to get ahold of me is by email.